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After another food poisoning incident, food safety needs to pay attention to testing equipment is indispensable

Josie 2023-11-23

After another food poisoning incident, food safety needs to pay attention to testing equipment is indispensable

With the development of living standards and the improvement of health concepts, food hygiene has become a problem that most people will not ignore in their diet. However, food poisoning is still one of the main types of public health emergencies in China, school cafeteria food poisoning incidents occur frequently search.

For a long time, E. coli has been considered a non-pathogenic bacterium that is part of the normal intestinal flora. It was not until the mid-20th century that it was recognized that certain specific serotypes of E. coli were pathogenic to humans and animals, especially infants and young animals (poultry), often resulting in severe diarrhea and sepsis. This explains the damage it causes.

To know whether the food contains E. coli or not, you need to use the E. coli tester, which can detect solid, liquid, surface, paste and slurry samples; the samples do not need any pre-treatment process during the test, tds meterand can be directly put into the test bottle; it can automatically control the incubation temperature and incubation time; and the test samples only need 1ml/1g.

In addition, the instrument is portable, can be anytime, anywhere for research and testing, 100% quantitative data analysis, and can be directly connected to the computer out of the quantitative method of analysis technology testing work report. dosimeter vs geiger counterEarly to know the problem.

In addition to detecting E. coli, we can also use a variety of testing equipment in food testing, food safety testing equipment is mainly used to detect, test and analyze toxic and harmful substances in food. According to the specific categories of food safety testing items, the instruments can be divided into five categories: drug residue detector, heavy metal detector, food microorganisms and toxins detector, food additives detector, food contact materials detector.

In addition, gas chromatography is the most widely used instrument in food safety testing. Gas chromatography is a separation and analysis method with gas as the mobile phase, which has the advantages of good separation effect, fast separation speed, geiger counter radiation detectorlow dosage, high sensitivity, etc., and can effectively detect a variety of harmful substances in food.

From the oral "disease" point of view, food is necessary for survival, food safety is also closely related to human health. Various types of food testing equipment to help quality control, to ensure that people enter the safety.