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The 10 most popular foreign online payment sites

Liz 2023-03-09

The 10 most popular foreign online payment sites

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In foreign countries, online Nepia Anpanman Genki payment, more fashionable credit card consumption, such as we know VISA, SMARTCARD and other credit card consumption.

In foreign countries, online payment, payment gateway website more fashionable credit card spending, such as we know VISA, SMARTCARD and other credit card spending. But the website is unlikely to own directly to find VISA and other bank credit card to do connection, one is inconvenient, the second is the qualification certificate is likely to be insufficient. And this will have to show the bank credit card connection of the third-party payment company. Such payment sites act as a positive intermediary service program, addressing the content of the information given to fill out during the payment period, they give data encryption (i.e., maintain) sensitive information - such as credit card numbers - and assist you in meeting some online network information security specifications to ensure secure transactions between you and your customers.

What aspects must be taken into account when selecting such a tool for online payment site services?
1. Security
Whether the third-party payment company has the overall strength, whether the third-party payment company can resist hacking, whether the boss may run away, whether for the customer or the site itself, all the first to understand.

Connecting this means of payment to your site, you have to pay various expenses, such as transaction fees, overseas transaction fees, connection fees, monthly fees, non-payment disposal fees, which is also a large amount of money.

3、Applicable bank credit card
50% of basic online shoppers say that if they can't use their preferred payment method, many will give up shopping. Apply your web site analysis to see which countries consumers browse your site - the preferred payment method will vary from country to country.

When it comes to foreign payment methods, the service offerings are naturally not as good as China's international credit card acquiring business third party payment companies. But there is no way, the service program is still very important.
We will introduce the 10 most popular payment sites giving parties in detail one by one

Main features.
In 2016, Amazon reported 310 million active customer accounts; by allowing customers to apply their current Amazon login information, Amazon Payments gives consumers an easy, informed way to make purchases. It can be integrated into the URL via the api, and generally, it is as easy as adding a completely free plug-in.
Amazon Payments is the decision maker in this regard. It works across devices - the ability to work on the go is especially important for customers; in the last six months, 62% of smartphone customers used their mobile devices to buy online.

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