Font spacing becomes large when typing text in Word Solution

nicole 2023-09-12


I don't know why the font spacing becomes large while typing text in Word.convert word to pdf online free without losing formatting The following is the solution to the font spacing is too large.

Enter the text did not manage to reach a row of words, and then enter, the relationship between the development of text will have a large spacing. Note: the cause of the font spacing of the reason analysis may exist a lot, I do not know you carry on in the end encountered which one, so I will probably encounter this problem to solve the teaching method of all the data collated, we are all able to try by a country a, there is definitely a business can help you solve!

The first solution: put the cursor on the line you want to adjust, and then open the menu bar formatting paragraph, in the pop-up paragraph window enter the indentation and spacing,merge 2 jpg files into 1 pdf will be " To its way "set to" Both end To its "or" left-). " left - ) to determine, you can return to normal!

The second solution: first of all, use the Word shortcut "Ctrl + A" to select all the characters, and then in the menu bar, enter the font format, in the pop-up font window, enter the character spacing, set the scaling to 100%, set the spacing for the standard, and then confirm.


The third solution: First, select the paragraph or sentence to be adjusted, and then right-click, select "Paragraph", and in the paragraph, enter "Chinese Format", and then check the "Allow Western text in the middle of the package " box.

The fourth solution: In the menu bar to enter the document in the page setup,pdf editor free and then select the document network, in the network, select "only specified line network" to confirm. (As shown in the figure below)

Tip: If the above methods are unable to help you to solve the "font spacing" problem, you can constantly try to clear the format (Edit -> Clear -> Format) and then start trying again according to the above analysis of several research methods.