[Virtual Bank] Mox is the first 3000 applicants to push the black stainless steel limited edition Mox Card

SHARON 2021-12-01

Virtual Bank

Standard Chartered Hong Kong, PCCW (0008), Hong Kong Telecom (6823) and Ctrip ’s virtual bank Mox Bank, invite those who are eagerly looking forward to experience different banking services to join the bank ’s customer list, and register on the website mox.com, Became one of the first Mox customers and will be the first to use the bank ’s services when Mox opens later this year.

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The first 3,000 applicants who successfully registered and complied with the relevant terms and conditions, and later successfully opened a bank account; they will be promoted to Mox founding members, get a black stainless steel limited edition Mox Card, the first fully functional Number bank card. Mox pointed out that the card is made of essential materials fused with different elements, symbolizing the strong relationship the bank expects to establish with founding members.