Stop copying and pasting! Learn these 4 tips to get Word, Excel, PPT format conversion in 10 seconds!

Andrea 2023-08-23

Word to Excel

In our work and study, we often need to convert file formats. Are you still copying and pasting? Learn the following four tricks, 10 seconds to get Word, Excel, PPT format conversion.

01.Word to Excel

Step 1: First of all, we open the Word document, click [Save As], the document data format different types of settings for the "web page", and save to the system desktop.

Step 2: Create a new Excel table, the desktop web file drag and drop into the form, so that the conversion is complete, the form will not be stretched.

02. Excel to Word

Copy the content of the Excel table first, and then paste it into the Word document.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat Please note that in the paste option, select [Keep Original Format].

03. Word to PPT

Step 1: Open Word document, click the upper left corner of [ file ] and find [ options ] function.

Step 2: Open the Word Options window, select [Customize Ribbon] in the left toolbar, and then switch "Select Commands in the Command Area" to "No more commands in the Ribbon".

Step 3: In the command area to find "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint", and click [New Project Card] - [Add] - [OK].

Step 4: After completion, you will see the "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" function in the upper left corner of the Word document. Click here to convert Word to PowerPoint.