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Can I edit PDF files? How to edit?

Vanessa 2023-09-15

Can I edit PDF files? How to edit?

Can I edit PDF files? How to edit?

In fact, at first I thought PDF files couldn't be edited because the PDF tool I used didn't support editing. convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobatKeep in mind that you can still edit PDF files like Word if you use special PDF editing tools. What PDF tools have you used to edit pdfs?

Probably many people have the same demand for PDF editing as I do, but they don't use it often. merge png to pdf ilovepdfI found many PDF editing tools on the Internet. At first, I wanted to find a free one from omnipotent Baidu. As a result, well, as you all know, I pushed it again and found a cheap one. Then, you looked for a lot. Finally, you actually found one. Although it is only mobile, it can be edited like Word. The most important thing is that it can be edited and saved. Even if you are not a member, there will be a small PDF watermark on the edited page (not found before). The most important thing is that even if the member does not save the watermark, it will only be in 9.9 yuan. I'm just saying, did you find a cheaper PDF editor? If so, please recommend it to me.

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You can really edit PDF tools on your phone.


You can edit PDF text and pictures like Word, merge two pdf pages into one page macand you can also add functional notes during reading and teaching.

Open the PDF file you want to edit in PDF and click the red icon button below to enter the PDF text editing screen. (The icon buttons are: Comments, Page Management, Contents, Edit, Search)

Editable text is automatically displayed in the text box. You can add or delete PDF content, change the text color, font, size, bold or italic, click the Add Text button in the lower right corner, then click the blank area and add new text.

Click on the top picture icon, you can also switch to the picture editing interface, you can add, delete pictures, move, Zoom, rotate, crop pictures, top or bottom pictures, and so on.

In addition to editing system functions, our enterprise has many other functions: PDF reading and annotation, PDF-to-picture (JPG, PNG), PDF scanning, PDF merging, PDF splitting, PDF creation (blank pages can be created from photo albums and created by scanning technology), PDF page management (pages are developed by adding, deleting, extracting, rotating and exchanging), and PDF file information management (file names and searching related files).

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