Keyboard keys popularization, what are the functions of these keys on the keyboard

Lareina 2023-09-19

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When it comes to keyboards, I'm sure you're all familiar with them, but are you really that familiar with the keyboards you use every day? Think about it: what are the buttons on the F-5 for, and what is the Home key for?combine pdfs for free windows Today, I will show you how to understand it.


First of all, the first PRTSC SYSRQ, the letters may be a little different on each keyboard. Actually, this PRTSC is the abbreviation of Print Screen, which can be understood as the meaning of screenshot.convert scanned pdf to word online free large files It intercepts the current screen to the pasteboard.

So, how is this screenshot function realized? Of course this screenshot third-party screenshot is convenient. Let me tell you about it.

Press the PRTSC button on the screen to take a screenshot, then open the system's drawing software, and then paste the screenshot we can see, and finally save it as a picture. This is much more complicated than taking a screenshot from a third-party chat tool, but sometimes emergencies are useful.

If we don't need to take a screenshot in full-screen mode, we can press ALT+PRTSC to take a screenshot of the currently active window instead of the full screen.

2. scroll lock key

There is also the scroll lock, or scroll lock,pdf editor online which is actually a DOS-era button, but is still very useful in some software today.

We are browsing excel document, you can press this button to lock the cursor, that is, when we press the up and down arrow keys, the table will scroll up and down, but the cursor will not move. Of course, if you press the scroll lock button again, it will be released, press the arrow keys will move the cursor.

3. pause break

Pause, the pause key, but it doesn't work anymore. It pauses when you start an application. Hold down WIN + pause to open the System Properties window.

4. insert key

Let's start with the insert key, also known as the Insert key, which is the key we can press when we are typing a word if we want to insert something between the words.

After pressing this key before and after what can be the difference? If we press the INSERT key and then insert content, we will constantly find that the inserted content will overwrite the words behind itself.

And if we press insert again, the inserted content will not cover the text behind it. However, many text inputs have now disabled this feature.

5. delete key

I'm sure you're all familiar with the delete key, also known as DELETE, and if we want to delete something for further study, we simply press this key.

However, you can press this key to delete text as you type, but unlike backspace, which deletes words to the left of the cursor, delete deletes words to the right of the cursor.

6. Home and End Keys

The Home and End keys are a pair of keys that we need to press when editing a document, the home key, the cursor will jump to the top of the current line, and press the END key cursor information will jump to the end of the current line.

If we use a combination of the CTRL keys, then it is CTRL + Home and CTRL + End, which go to the beginning and end of the document.

When browsing a web page, the Home key jumps to the top and the End key jumps to the bottom.

7. page up & down keys

Finally, let's discuss about page up and down buttons. These two keys can be understood as page up and page down. When we are in a document or browsing the web, these two keys allow us to quickly jump to the previous or next screen, and when combined with the CTRL key in a Word document, jump to the beginning of the previous or next page.