640 IoT project research, what are the top 10 IoT application areas?

Lydia 2023-12-02

640 IoT project research, what are the top 10 IoT application areas?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been perfected through more than a decade of progress, and now IoT must go beyond the hotspots to develop a large number of specific applications. Recently, we have conducted a research on the real application projects of IoT around the world to grasp the current situation of IoT application.

In order to diligently develop a more robust IoT ecosystem, and to obtain a large amount of information, we searched countless websites and screened 640 private cloud IoT projects with specific uses. (Note: This sifted through the full range of IoT consumer items that include wearable goods in them)

Subsequently, time was spent gathering and organizing any information about such IoT projects,embedded module and through research, it became clear that there was a large amount of information hidden in this data and many conclusions beyond what was expected.

Industrial production IoT connectivity projects

As you can see, the number of IoT projects used in industrial production is 141, followed by projects in smart cities with 128, and the following are the projects in the field of IoT for electricity and energy.

From the geographical distribution, it seems that the Americas account for more of the total projects, 44%, while Europe is slightly behind with a 34% share. It can be seen that the IoT application projects in different areas of application and regional spread is very different. For example, the Americas, especially North America, is the region where health care and smart retail projects are most concentrated, accounting for 61% and 52% of all health care and smart retail projects. The majority of smart city projects are located in Europe, accounting for 47% of the total. Asia and the Pacific region is the most intelligent power and energy projects gathered in the region, the share of 25%.

1. Industrial production application area: centralized in the natural environment of oil and processing plants

Industrial production field is the current stage of the Internet of Things project more use field, because the industrial production field contains can be connected to the network of things more colorful, such as printing machinery and equipment, production plant machinery and equipment, lifting equipment or all coal mines and industrial plants. One of the most common vertical areas of use is in the field of crude oil and gas. The ability to monitor and control in real time and enhance asset-light work with IoT technology has led to the implementation and operation of many oil projects that have achieved process and economic benefits.

One such example is the RasGaslng gas plant monitoring project in RasLaffan, Qatar. In this project, the Industrial Production IoT technology was applied to carry out predictable maintenance and property management of LPG equipment to ensure better operation of the entire project.

The production line is another major application area of IoT in industrial production.

2 Smart Cities:Road traffic and utilities promote the trend of smart cities

In people's examination, 20% of the IoT identification projects are smart city related projects. Most importantly, information shows that the number of smart city projects has increased at a strong trend, and recently, thousands of smart city projects are being promoted by government departments around the world, with well-known cases including Barcelona and London.

The hottest smart city application is road traffic, for example, Intel and Siemens in Berlin's intelligent parking system solution to produce greater convenience for local road traffic. In addition to road traffic, there are also common uses of public property monitoring, such as the smart bin project in Dublin.

In Europe, a famous IoT security detection project is the CityPulse project in Eindhoven, Netherlands. In this project, according to the IoT technology, the physical information such as noise and chromaticity of big cities will be detected and matched with the management methods publicized by the social development news media to facilitate the management of all For example, the lighting of city streets can be adjusted fully automatically.

3 Smart grid: the main performance of the Americas is strong

Both South America and North America seem to be very pro-smart grid projects. In this data analysis, almost half of the smart grid projects are concentrated in the Americas, and the majority of smart grid projects can be summarized as smart grid projects. An example is the smart grid program in Fort Collins, USA. Another typical example is the smart grid demonstration project in Jeju Island, South Korea, where IoT technology is used on a large scale, including distributed system renewable energy generation and excellent metering and verification infrastructure. In a smart grid project presented in Tucumán province, Argentina, IoT technology can also be used to prevent electricity and energy theft.

4 Telematics platform: the most technically advanced M2M application store

The IoT platform sales market is a relatively well-established area of IoT use, and the M2M IoT interface approach has been running for a longer period of time in the IoT platform area. In everyone's research, it was found that most of the Telematics platform projects are concerned with vehicle confirmation and detection orientation. Two-thirds of the projects can be summarized as corporate vehicle management program solutions, such as the ISS corporate vehicle management solution released by Telefónica.

In addition, there are many motor vehicle insurance projects are also based on the technical nature of the Telematics platform, which is to make it easier to carry out payout commercial insurance after a vehicle safety accident.

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