What is embedded system for iot industry?

Carry 2022-07-18

embedded module

Internet of Things is developing very fast and has become one of embedded modulethe national strategic industries. As we all know, IOT is composed of four parts: device, system, network and platform, and embedded system is very important in IOT industry. So what kind of existence does it have in the industry? This article mainly elaborates its role and characteristics in IoT.

The embedded module developed by Sanwang Communication Technology's independent innovation

The role of embedded system in the IoT industry

An embedded system is a system used to control or monitor large devices (such as machines and equipment). It is an application-based system, usually consisting of one or more microprocessors or microprocessors. Unlike general-purpose computers that can run software, embedded system software is usually non-permanent.

With the development of information technology, its applications are becoming more and more widespread, involving industry, agriculture, communication, medical, consumer electronics and other fields. Embedded systems have the advantages of small size and low cost because they require more sensors and chips, which bring higher hardware cost to operation.

The role of embedded control systems in the IoT industry management can be understood as cost reduction and intelligence, and more and more operators are applying embedded information technology mainly to mature platforms and products so that we can carry out extended object sensing and learning capabilities to form intelligent terminals with powerful.

In Iot, embedded systems provide more accurate data for products and form intelligent big data networks together with sensors to achieve communication between people and things.

Iot requires embedded system must have four main features:

Currently has the ability to transmit and process data.

Secondly, it has the ability to perform certain storage management

Third, it can be compatible with most applications

Fourth, it is adapted to most of our communication protocols and network interfaces

Only the embedded system with these features can comply with the trend of "Internet of Everything".

Embedded control system in IoT industry

In the IoT industry, embedded system has always existed, but its value of existence is big or small. In the early stage of IoT, embedded systems were more used for communication and interconnection.

With the development of integrated circuits and artificial intelligence technologies, embedded systems are playing an increasing role and now embedded systems are able to assign hardware, schedule tasks and control, and even in some industrial Internet areas, smart sensors are integrated into embedded systems for automatic data collection and processing, although this requires more sensor modules.

Now that software technology is becoming more and more advanced, software design ideas can also influence the layout and development of hardware. The combination of software and hardware has become a new trend. Considering the cost and power consumption, in many wide-area IoT systems, embedded operating systems and cloud computing systems want to collaborate with each other to accomplish huge data processing needs.

How can embedded control system research be applied to IoT?

Embedded systems are increasingly used in IoT, besides industrial IoT, there are also agricultural IoT and home IoT.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT needs to connect machines, devices and people. In industrial applications, more emphasis is placed on stability and security. For example, industrial PLC is also an embedded system of embedded system. There are also many sensors, QR codes, chips, etc., which are necessary to achieve industrial automation. Industrial IoT needs embedded systems, more general embedded products, and more integration.

Agricultural Internet of Things

In agricultural IoT, the utilization of sensors and instruments is very high, and the great role of embedded system is to coordinate and analyze the working condition of these devices, and to achieve higher efficiency by processing these data. As agriculture is influenced by environment, the cost and easy replacement of the system need to be considered when designing the system solution.

Medical IoT

Medical IoT can be characterized by simplicity, standardization and reliability. For the development of embedded control system, it requires us to have more high-performance and more stable devices with high requirements for integration. As AI technology is more and more widely used in medical research, embedded system design needs to be upgraded and progressed. Medical management information construction is to bring convenience to hospital work, and the convenience of system safety operation is the first place.

With the popularity of IoT, data is getting bigger and bigger, which brings a lot of pitfalls to devices and networks. In the future, these devices will need more powerful data analysis and acquisition capabilities to adapt to the industry's development trend, and the embedded system is their core processor.