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How to convert word to excel? description of conversion mode

STEPHANIE 2023-10-04

Use Conversion Tools

In the workplace, it is often necessary to convert Word documents to Excel sheets so that they can be better managed for capacity and data analysis. In this article, we will introduce to study two methods of Word to Excel conversion,word to pdf converter free download offline and how to deal with the converted data in Excel.

Method 1: Use Text Conversion Wizard

Use Word's Text Conversion Wizard to convert a Word document to CSV format and then import it into an Excel sheet.

Open the Word document,pdf split and merge download online select the data to be converted, Save As "Plain Text". Format, save the file. Then import text/CSV to Excel sheet. Follow the prompts to select separators and import data.

It should be noted that sometimes the text conversion wizard cannot distinguish the cells correctly, resulting in misplaced data. In this case, you can manually edit the CSV file and adjust the cell positions and formatting. This method is only applicable to convert a single document to an Excel sheet. If you need to merge multiple documents into one Excel sheet, you need to use other methods.

Method 2: Use Conversion Tools

If you need to merge multiple documents into one Excel table for students,convert word to pdf with embedded excel files or we need to convert the data information for further analysis of research and processing, you can use can be specialized conversion tools.

For example: 1. PDF Converter (universal file format conversion software, sub-computer and mobile version, full-featured)

First of all, a key to convert Word to PDF.

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Conversion effect is as follows, the content of the format is quite accurate