Bluetooth module you know, but BLE Bluetooth module do you understand? Collection, this article has been answered for you

Ellen 2022-07-21

bluetooth lte module

What is the Bluetooth module? What is the use? What is BLE Bluetooth module? Do you know all these? I believe this question can still be difficult to defeat part of the people, why? Although we usually contact the wireless connection, Bluetooth transmission, but the Bluetooth module or rarely seen. In fact, the Bluetooth module is bluetooth lte moduleused in, for example, bracelets, electronic cigarettes, low frequency massagers, smart locks and some other smart device products.

So what exactly is a Bluetooth module? Bluetooth module is a PCBA board with integrated Bluetooth function, mainly used for wireless network communication, according to the function can be divided into Bluetooth data module (HY-40R201P, HY-40R204P) and Bluetooth voice module. It is mainly composed of chip, PCB board and peripheral devices (the general module has the property of semi-finished products. In other words, Bluetooth modules generally have the characteristics of secondary development). Such as: HY-40R204P Bluetooth module is based on TI CC2640R2F Bluetooth chip, while the PCB board integrated 2.4G PCB antenna.

The role of the Bluetooth module is simply to replace the wired connection with a wireless connection, the fixed and mobile information equipment to form a personal local area network, to achieve low-cost wireless interconnection between devices to communicate.

As for what is BLE Bluetooth module, simply speaking, Bluetooth is divided into classical Bluetooth module (BT) and low power Bluetooth module (BLE) according to the application and support protocol.

Classic Bluetooth module (BT) general refers to support the Bluetooth protocol in 4.0 below the module, generally used for a relatively large amount of data transmission, such as: music, language, etc..

And low-power Bluetooth module (BLE) refers to the module that supports Bluetooth protocol 4.0 or above, it is called BLE Bluetooth module, its biggest feature is the reduction of cost and power consumption. Applied to real-time requirements are relatively high, but the data rate requirements are not particularly high products, such as: consumer electronics (Bluetooth e-cigarettes, low frequency massager), wearable devices (bracelets, watches, glasses), smart home (Bluetooth locks, curtains) medical health class (heartbeat band, blood pressure meter, thermometer), etc..

It is worth mentioning that Low Power Bluetooth technology uses the same Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) technology as traditional Bluetooth technology, thus ensuring that Low Power Bluetooth can maintain stable transmission in the "noisy" RF environments of residential, industrial and medical applications. In order to minimize the cost and power consumption of using AFH, Low Power Bluetooth technology has reduced the number of channels from 79 1MHz channels in traditional Bluetooth technology to 40 2MHz bandwidth channels. A new feature that has been added to Low Power Bluetooth technology compared to traditional Bluetooth technology is the "broadcast" feature, which allows a slave device to send data to a master device.