Why is credit card collection an indispensable payment method in foreign trade collections?

Colorfully 2022-03-04

global gateway credit card processing

1. What is an international credit card?

The international development credit card collection global gateway credit card processing usually refers to the online payment of the corporate international credit card, which is generally used for small collections of less than 1,000 US dollars in China's foreign trade. It is more suitable for online store retail: mainly through industries such as clothing, electronic technology products, virtual reality games and ticket booking.

At present, my country's international credit card collection is based on a Chinese third-party credit card payment platform company providing such a national payment channel to achieve the purpose of collection. It is a payment gateway-to-payment gateway model (similar to online banking payment). This payment lifestyle method can Refusal to pay can effectively protect the interests of our consumers, and foreigners prefer to use them. If you want to analyze the European and American capital markets, almost everyone in Europe and the United States has a credit card, and online shopping is developed, and credit card collection is indispensable.

2. What are the benefits of a credit card?

Convenient, customers only need to have a credit card to complete the online payment.

2. Security, we all cooperate with domestic banks with acquiring qualifications, which belong to the online payment mode of payment gateway docking with bank gateway, and customer payment is more secure.

3. Peace of mind, the seller only needs to provide such a domestic savings account in China to complete the collection, and the payment management is also a personal bank account that we will automatically bind to your country, without the need for foreign exchange settlement.

4. The market is extensive, no matter the region or country, as long as the credit card payment can be paid directly, the business can be carried out all over the world.

3. How is the payment process?

When the seller's website determines to enter the payment gateway, consumers only need to select a good product normally, and then they can add it to the shopping cart.

2. After clicking to make payment, fill in the cardholder's relevant data (such as card number, CVV, validity period, address, email, etc.) to confirm whether it is correct and submit the payment at the time.

3. In response to the results of the payment research, consumers will receive other relevant email notifications, such as: purchasing a certain company's products on a certain website at a certain time.

4. The seller should mainly use an independent payment background. If the order status shows that the payment was successful, the delivery can be arranged.