Stainless steel products sheet metal and for surface information processing what are the aspects to pay attention to?

Gillian 2023-03-17
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Stainless steel processing refers to the stainless steel with stainless sheet metal fabrication companysteel characteristics of cutting, folding, bending, welding and other mechanical processing and surface treatment, such as electroplating, sandblasting, mirror, etc., in order to obtain the production of stainless steel products required for the process.

In the field of decoration, stainless steel products are often a material in use, before using stainless steel decorative first to the stainless steel surface processing. So what are the processing points of stainless steel surface treatment?

Select the undercut

Different stainless steel workpieces will enter the appropriate GPU minerprocess according to the processing requirements. Next, the bending should be based on the dimensions on the drawing and the thickness of the stainless steel to determine the tool and tool slot for bending. The key to the selection of the upper die is to prevent the material from colliding with the tool to produce deformation, according to the thickness of the stainless steel plate to determine.

Surface pre-treatment

After assembly workpiece we need to be painted, should protect the other corporate parts as conductive holes and teeth holes. Soft rubber stick or screw can be inserted into the tooth hole.

Spraying assembly

Before assembly, the protective sticker used when spraying the original stainless steel should be removed to ensure that the parts are not sprayed with paint or powder in the inner threaded holes. Before packing, the bubble film will be cut into large size, which can be used to pack the workpiece to avoid one side unpacked and affect the processing speed; after packing, a large number of special stainless steel cartons or bubble bags, rubber mats, trays, wooden boxes, etc. can be customized and put into cartons, and the finished or semi-finished products will be attached to the carton labels.

The main applications of stainless steel materials:

Construction industry

Because of the smooth surface and not easy to scale, so it is often used as guardrail or some residential facilities.

Elevator decoration

Stainless steel plate is the most commonly used decorative engineering material for elevators. Although the surface of the fingerprint technology can be erased, but it will affect the conduct of the appearance. Therefore, the best way to choose a suitable surface anti-fingerprint information processing.

Food kitchen

Stainless steel is also a common material for food processing, catering, wine, chemical industry, etc.

Public places

In public places, such as decorative or public facilities, stainless steel is an important feature, wear resistance and easy to clean, which is the outstanding feature of stainless steel is superior to aluminum.

On the basis of the original stainless steel, the surface, shape and performance obtained by post-treatment is suitable for industrial stainless steel products. For example:Commonly used flat processing, cutting, and then surface treatment, brushing, sandblasting, sanding, mirroring, color plating, coating.

Stainless steel products processing, including laser, bending, welding, slotting, grinding, polishing, etc., through the analysis of multiple processing processes to obtain the final shape of stainless steel products. The common stainless steel products processing enterprises in the market are our research and design according to the needs of different customers, or students according to the system user management to provide samples or drawings required for their own social production technology processing.

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