Whether credit card spending for online shopping counts as credit card frequency

Joyce 2023-08-31

Whether credit card spending for online shopping counts as credit card frequency

Bank credit cards can not only be used for iot wifi module offline payments, but also for online shopping. However, many friends in online shopping application credit card spending, are so confused: I open the ant chant online shopping, whether it is counted as a credit card? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and popular items.

The friends who have used bank cards bitmain antminer s19 pro cena understand that bank credit cards have credit card annual fees, but in addition to the platinum card, the platinum card, gold card can be based on the frequency of credit card to reduce the annual credit card fee. For example, CITIC Bank requires that if you swipe your credit card or withdraw cash once within 30 days of credit card approval, you can enjoy a waiver of the annual credit card fee for the first year, and if you swipe your credit card or withdraw cash a total of five times within a year, you can waive the annual credit card fee for the second year.

However, there are a lot of friends credit card gateway who apply for credit cards mainly for buying things, so for cardholders who often shop online, it is extremely important to know whether online shopping with credit card spending is measured within or outside the frequency of credit card swiping, which ultimately affects whether they can have their annual credit card fees waived based on the frequency of online shopping transactions.

As far as I know, online credit card transactions, the store to pay the Internet bank service fees, financial institutions are rich to earn, there is no reason not to count the frequency of transactions. In terms of the real experience of some people who take the lead in online credit card, Bank of Communications and CITIC Bank cards are all counted.

However, there are banking industry requirements, must be credit card points trading can only be considered to brush credit card frequency, and online shopping card consumption is mostly and no points card, in other words, no matter how many times you shop online, online shopping trading is how much amount, are not easy to accumulate points.

Thus, no matter how many times a year the user swipes his card on the internet it is not possible to harm the credit card annual fee waiver. The customer must still go to the mall, large shopping malls, restaurants and other physical line merchants to brush credit cards, and brush the card frequency to do completely free requirements to be exempt from the corresponding credit card annual fee.

It is not difficult to see whether online shopping credit card consumption payment is considered to brush credit card frequency, the key is also to see how the financial institution is required, people try not to generalize to distinguish online shopping credit card consumption is considered to buy and sell frequency, it is best to dial the 24-hour service phone number on the reverse side of the bank credit card to transfer the human service information clear.

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