UnionPay International Launches Connected Payments Service to Help Overseas Micro and Small Merchants Enter Online Retail

Carmen 2023-03-16

UnionPay International Launches Connected Payments Service to Help Overseas Micro and Small Merchants Enter Online Retail

UnionPay International today announced the launch of UnionPayPaybyLink, a "simple" version of its intelligent marketing solution for overseas merchants. With the program, operators do not need to set up stores in e-commerce platforms, but can simply use SMS or email to provide china unionpay international online payment services to UnionPay cardholders and sell online in 5 minutes.

The recently published "Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Development Report" predicts and analyzes that the new crown new crown epidemic will cause more and more transactions on the segment caused by the worldwide Internet retail sales will increase to 480 million dollars by 2021. Cut to the customer payment habitual change, UnionPay International according to collaborate with financial enterprises and Internet companies to promote 200 several countries and regions over 20 million and in online merchants apply UnionPay card.

The rapidly developing e-commerce logistics attracts many small operators to enter, but in part of the sales market, it suffers from the problem that e-commerce platforms are not more developed and the barriers to building stores are high. To deal with this trouble, UnionPay International applied online payment service and intelligent verification technicality to launch UnionPay Connect payment service. After receiving customers' orders and committing to pick-up methods, small and micro merchants can key in order information in the supporting facilities service platform and quickly generate payment connections, which can be sent to customers in a variety of convenient ways. Consumers can click on the connection to hook up the "UnionPay flash payment" to pay immediately, but also on cell phones, computers and other terminal devices to type in the contents of the UnionPay card information and one-time authentication login password to buy and sell.

This innovative payment service will provide convenience in many aspects. For merchants, they can quickly serve the world's UnionPay card consumers at zero project cost, further enriching customer resources and enabling them to promptly manage payment inquiries in the background, enhancing the working capacity of the order management system; for UnionPay card consumers, they can enjoy a richer selection of online shopping and its security, convenient and fast payment experience. For the three-party payment platform, it can rapidly expand a large number of merchants and enhance the rational layout of business processes.

In addition to small and micro merchants, this service also benefits different industries such as traditional department stores and property management services. During the period of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, thousands of merchants of several popular three-party payment platform groups in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the United States and other sales markets connected to the service for customers who could not visit the stores to make transactions based on UnionPay online payment and maintain smooth work.

In the next step, UnionPay International will link the UnionPay Connect payment service with the cross-border e-commerce online marketing platform "Uprogram". In the future, when customers accept the payment connection, they will be able to receive the merchant's "Premium Plan" coupons and enjoy exclusive special offers. The service also integrates freight logistics, export customs clearance and other functions, and is applicable to the latest transaction scenarios such as live delivery.

In recent years, UnionPay International has rapidly improved its intelligent service capabilities and has completed more than 20 technical websites and various solutions for partners to easily and quickly connect to UnionPay products and payment scenarios. For merchants, they can not only give online payment service quickly according to UnionPay connection payment, but also connect to various technical service platforms, such as "superior solution" and scenario service service platform, to achieve digital operation requirements such as activity marketing marketing promotion and membership system management methods.

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