The advantages and disadvantages of mobile payment, do you know how many of us?

Laura 2022-03-02

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1. Convenient payment, no need to replace

Mobile payment is convenient and fast, and you don't online payment platforms need to carry a lot of cash when you go out.

When a customer pays in cash, it takes at least a minute to get the change. With a credit card, the process takes a minute or two. When there are many people, there will always be people in line to check out.

Now with mobile payment, you can scan the code to complete the payment without waiting, which greatly saves shopping time.

2. Environmentally friendly enterprise hygiene, saving human resources

Before the advent of mobile payment and banknote circulation, during this period, the loss of banknotes would inevitably occur, which undoubtedly caused huge damage to resources and the environment.

Mobile payment greatly reduces the consumption of raw materials of banknotes and saves resources.

3. Wide range of fields

Now, with the popularity of mobile payment, its application fields are more and more extensive, and it has been integrated into various industries.

Whether online or offline, in shopping, medical care, tourism, catering, hotels and other scenarios, you can see the "shadow" of mobile payment.

As small as taking a bus, charging a mobile phone, or as big as a house buyer buying a car, it can be done easily.


1. It is easy to reveal privacy

If you want to pay by mobile phone, you must bind your bank card, register your personal information, and perform real name authentication.

When we use mobile phones to pay for consumption, businesses will have access to a large number of consumers' personal information.

If you encounter bad business, using this information to conduct business will bring great security risks to consumers.

In addition, when we pay, we will enter the payment password, which will be used by criminals if we are not careful. Or the phone is lost, personal information is leaked, and money is at risk.

2. Cause enterprise users to consume irrationally

Due to the convenience and speed of mobile payment, the user's concept of currency has become blurred and become various numbers.

Sometimes when we are faced with things we don’t need, we will make impulse purchases, and there are functions such as flowers and plants, which make our shopping more fearless.