How to adjust the temperature of the Baolang gun

Joyce 2022-06-09

How to adjust the temperature of the Baolang gun

Now many families have prepared ear thermometers. As the name suggests, it is an instrument for measuring the body temperature of babies. It is easy to use and has high precision, so it has become a must-use tool for babies. Therefore, many Mahai Baolang ear thermometers have no Chinese instructions, and the basic setting of the gun is Fahrenheit instead of the commonly used Celsius temperature,braun digital ear thermometer, which is more inconvenient to operate. So, how can it be adjusted to the Celsius culture mode?

method of temperature conversion

The method of converting Fahrenheit to Celsius: press and hold the 'I/O' key and the 'start' key at the same time, wait for the screen to display °F, set, °C in turn, and release it at the same time when it is displayed to °C; start" key.

How to use the ear thermometer

Take the thermometer out of the box and put on earmuffs.

How to adjust the temperature of the Baolang gun

press the I/O key to start the machine, and gently and slowly insert the probe into the ear canal as far as possible. Make sure the probe is in the correct measurement position.

How to adjust the temperature of the Baolang gun

press and release the "Start" button. The green Exactemp light above the Start button begins to flash, indicating that the correct probe is in place. Wait until you hear the prompt tone and the green Exactemp light signal is fixed, indicating that the measurement has been completed in the correct way, and you can take off the thermometer and take a reading.

press and hold the "I/O" button until "1MEM" is displayed, the temperature of the last eight measurements can be displayed in sequence.

When the ear thermometer is turned off, press and hold the I/O button for about 5 seconds (the OFF prompt will appear) or the device will automatically shut down if you do not operate it.