How to use Clarins Double Extract essence correctly. Only when used correctly can it work.

SUNNY 2022-04-07

How to use Clarins Double Extract essence correctly. Only when used correctly can it work.

How to use Clarins Double Extract essence correctly. Only when used correctly can it work.

The order of using Clarins Double Extract

1. Use cleansing products to cleanse the skin thoroughly every morning and evening (remove your makeup when you make-up), use toner for secondary cleansing, and apply eye care products

2. Take an appropriate amount of Clarins Gold Double Bottle Essence in your palm, warm up your palms together, and gently apply to the face and neck;

3. After application, press gently with the palm of the hand, first on the cheeks, then forehead, and back of the neck to promote the absorption of the essence;

4. After the essence is completely absorbed by the skin, apply lotion, cream and other daily skin care products.

How to use Clarins Double Extract Revitalizing Essence

Use it every morning and/or evening as a regular beauty care, or throughout the year, depending on the skin's needs. Press the product one or two times into the palm and rub it. Apply to face and neck before applying day cream or night cream.


1. Remember to press after warming up. Clarins products have a great feature, that is, the technique is almost all pressed and absorbed except for water. After using the hand technique, it will not feel oily at all~

2. Don't forget the neck care. This essence clearly states that the neck is also applicable in the manual.

After 23 years of age, I started to use Double Extract. According to the official introduction, it has five major effects: reshape the skin, aerobic, nourish, protect, and moisturize. After 8 months of use, the biggest change is that the pores of the cheeks are reduced and the nasolabial lines are effectively suppressed. , Water and oil balance, skin texture moves from mixed muscles to neutral muscles.

How much is Clarins Double Extract Revitalizing Essence

Reference price: HKD 680.00 yuan

Specification: 30ML

Function: moisturizing, diminishing fine lines, anti-aging

This well-known product has been upgraded to the 7th generation. The gold texture of "water + oil" is cleverly hidden in a bottle, and the dual anti-aging essence is transmitted to the bottom of the muscle, which releases moisturizing, nourishing, aerobic, and protection. , Regenerate 5 cell energy, comprehensively enhance the skin's self-repair ability, reverse the traces of time, and restore youthful appearance. Since then, it has created the possibility of comprehensive cell repair and delaying skin aging, becoming a legend in the skin care industry.

After twenty-five years old, I feel my skin problems are getting worse. I have to start taking care of myself.

Please buy rationally and don't blindly follow suit. Compare which product is more suitable for you. I hope we can all be beautiful


1: Many fairies left a message asking me if my skin turned yellow after using this essence. I have used half of the bottle. No yellowing of my skin was noticed.

2: Some fairies say that they get acne on the face with this essence, maybe because your skin can't absorb it, my guess. I also don't know why the acne occurred. Don't ask me any questions. You can go to the counter to ask the professional shopping guide what is going on.

3: What kind of skin is suitable for this essence, the official one is that any skin can be used.

4: I personally use the Cosme Whitening Repair Series with essence. Steps: muscle foundation, lotion, water, essence, eye cream, face cream (use face cream at night)

5: I only use the essence at night

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