Kitchen counters are very important, so how to identify the quality of quartz stone?

Kaitlyn 2023-12-07

Kitchen counters are very important, so how to identify the quality of quartz stone?

It is said that the decoration needs to spend a lot of money, and sometimes the decoration of many places like cabinets, bathtubs, tatami MATS are useless, but the ash has been accumulated. carrara quartz This will save some of the money for the parts that are not practical, and the money saved will be used for the practical areas, such as the kitchen counter. A decoration that kitchen countertops, washstands, kitchen walls, dining tables, coffee tables, windowsills, door covers and so on. All need to be well decorated, to use good materials, do not worry about wasting money, because these are decorated can be used for a lifetime. Quartz kitchen countertop no scratches, no pollution, non-combustible non-toxic.

So how do we identify the quality of quartz stone? A decoration to introduce and analyze.

1. The quality of quartz stone is good, the pressure is high, the quality of quartz stone is poor, stone benchtop colours the production weight is pressed out, and the plate density is high, so the quality of quartz stone of the same size will be heavier. The quartz content is between 80% and 94%, and the higher the quartz content, the better the quality of the quartz platform.

2. The thickness of quartz stone is 1.2 cm and 1.5 cm. Because quartz stone has a high hardness, but is more brittle than artificial stone, it is recommended to use quartz stone with a thickness of 15 cm. But many manufacturers actually only produce 14 cm or even 13.5 cm thick sheet. Responsible manufacturers will not save this 1 centimeter, so it is recommended not to buy real quartz stone countertops that can't reach 15 centimeters.

3. Keys and other hard objects scrape quartz stone. The main component is quartz sand. quartz vanity top Quartz sand, also known as silica, is second only to diamond in hardness. If it is really good quartz stone, it will only have a line after the key scrub, and poor quartz stone countertops containing calcium powder and other inferior materials will have a mark and white powder after the key scrub.

4. Soy sauce test, good quartz table soy sauce will not bleed for several days. Inferior quartz stone countertop bleeding a day.

The above problem is through four methods to identify the quality management of quartz stone, kitchen countertops can often be used, to choose a good material development in order to live at ease.