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Greasy rags are hard to clean? Soak it in water and the rags will be clean immediately!

Gladys 2023-12-19


The rag is an essential cleaning tool in the kitchen, usually washing dishes, brushing pots, wiping the stove need to use the rag, but the kitchen is a heavy area of grease and smoke, cleaning the rag will often leave a lot of grease.china konjac sponge Maybe this rag has not been used for a few days, it becomes black, sticky, greasy, such a rag if you continue to use, will also make the more clean and dirty. But it is too wasteful to throw it away. In fact, we just need to use some common items in our life, will cleaning rag can continue to use. Today I share this method of cleaning rags with you, come with me to understand!

I believe that many friends will squeeze some detergent and rub it under the faucet after using the rag. But this doesn't completely wash away the stains left in the rag fibers. After a few days, the dirt accumulated on the rag is more and more, just with detergent wipe simply can not wipe clean.cellulose dishcloth wholesale Such rags tend to harbor a lot of bacteria, so they can no longer be used. In fact, wiping the rag is very simple. Let's prepare a container and pour two spoons of soda into it. Soda water is familiar to everyone. It is alkaline and has a good cleaning effect. If we don't have soda at home, we can also use baking soda instead.

Next is that we pour some different salt into it, salt has a certain sterilization for disinfection, can help the cleaning of the rag.scrubber wholesale Next, we need to squeeze in some detergent, detergent everyone is very familiar with, it can be more deep decomposition of oil.

Finally, we boil a pot of water and pour it in. Then put the washed rag into the water bubble, the water is too hot, do not touch the water directly, you can prepare a pair of chopsticks, and then gently shake the rag. Boiling water also has the effect of breaking down grease, so that the rags stay in the water for 20 minutes.

When you are almost done soaking, you can see that the water has become dirty and the stains on the rags have broken down. At this point the water is no longer hot. We simply rub the rag on our hands wherever it gets dirty. After soaking, even stubborn stains can be easily wiped away.

Wash the cloth clean, and finally we just need to wash the cloth again with water so that it is thoroughly cleaned and the original cloth is washed as well as the new one, and we can continue to use it. This method of cleaning rags is easy to use and you can try it next time.

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