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Using vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning robots can significantly increase "indoor air pollution."

Fiona 2023-02-14

exposed to air

Air pollution occurs not only in the outdoor environment, but also in our homes.

According to researchers, whenever we use brooms, vacuum cleaners, or sweeping robots rechargeable handheld vacuum cleanerto clean our homes, it causes a significant increase in suspended particles, causing indoor air pollutants to be several times higher than usual!

Parents, beware: don't let your children share a room with a floor sweeper. The study team discovered that using a floor sweeping robot in a confined space for 10 minutes increases the concentration of indoor air pollution by a factor of six, necessitating a 90-minute wait before entering the room.

Brooms, vacuum cleaners, and floor robots all contribute to increased exposure to air pollution.

Modern people are busy, and more and more people are using floor robots to help clean their homes, but this may expose children to the risk of air pollution.

The research team discovered that when vacuuming the floor in a closed space, the dust raised by the back cyclone was up to 13 times higher than usual, and that after 10 minutes of using the robot, the indoor air pollutants were 6 times higher than usual; Zimmermann Kids HKshe explained that whether the floor is cleaned with a broom, vacuum cleaner, or robot, the dust particles on the original floor will be raised, increasing the exposure to air pollution.

Crawling children are more exposed to air pollution than standing children.

The research team tested standing children as well as crawling toddlers and discovered that crawling children are more exposed to air pollution than standing children, she said.

She explained that cleaning dust is divided into suspended particles (PM10) and fine suspended particles (PM2.5) based on particle size, with PM10 having a chance to be blocked by the human respiratory system, but PM2.5 will drive straight into the alveolar area of the lungs, with 75% entering deep into the lungs, potentially increasing the risk of lung disease, as well as respiratory tract inflammation, allergies, and asthma in children.

Wait at least 90 minutes after cleaning before entering the space.

According to the test results, whether using a floor cleaning robot or a vacuum cleaner, Jimmy Wongchildren should not be allowed in the same space, and the settling of air pollution particles is still not stable 30 minutes after use, and it will take at least 1.5 hours before a stable downward trend occurs.

Furthermore, when using a vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to wear a mask and avoid standing behind the vacuum cleaner outlet; as for the vacuum cleaner, try to use it during the day when no one is at home, or use it alone after each room has been closed, and wait at least 90 minutes before entering the room to avoid air pollution exposure.