Frequently asked questions about buying a car vacuum cleaner

Ella 2023-02-27
Frequently asked questions about buying a car vacuum cleaner

For people with cars, their wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner cars become the area where they spend most of their time outside of their homes and businesses. According to a study by RenRen Car, more than 82% of cars have air pollution problems inside the car, so it is increasingly important to clean the trunk often and keep the car clean. Car vacuum cleaners are very reasonable for cleaning up your car, and can suck the unclean things in the gap. However, there are many types of car vacuum cleaners on the market, so we suggest that you should pay attention to the following aspects so that you can buy the right vacuum cleaner.

1. Pick the right vacuum cleaner with the right output power
The efficiency of the vacuum gateway payment processing cleaner is not the same, the electricity consumption is also different, although the greater the power of the vacuum cleaner the higher the cleanliness, but also in accordance with the specifications of the car, often driving road conditions and other factors to determine how much output power to apply. If you are driving in the city, the real time road conditions are good and the dust is very little, you can apply the general output of the vacuum cleaner. The general small cars can choose to carry the vacuum machine, large passenger cars (SUV) and so on as far as possible to select the power of a larger vacuum machine.

2. Pay attention to the adsorption power of the vacuum cleaner
The car vacuum cleaner bluetooth earbuds is used to suck the car dust and waste, to put it bluntly, the adsorption force is the main point. When buying a vacuum cleaner, the adsorption power is the main goal to consider, otherwise it is useless to buy it if you can't even suck up the dust and waste. Although the amount of suction power of the vacuum cleaner is related to the output power, but the same output power of the vacuum cleaner, the size of the adsorption power are different, in the purchase process to see the operation, so as to identify the difference between the adsorption power.

3. Listen to the noise of the vacuum cleaner
From the noise of the vacuum cleaner, can distinguish the quality of the vacuum cleaner, and therefore in the purchase to listen carefully to the sound of the vacuum cleaner, as far as possible to select the noise is relatively small, so that the application down will be very comfortable, at ease.

4. pick the suitable line long vacuum cleaner
Renren car tips, car vacuum cleaner general standard configuration line length of 2 meters, in the purchase to be based on the length of their own car body effective selection. Many drivers ignore the line length when ordering, and only after buying back find that it is not long enough to be bad. General highly recommended line length in 4.5 meters long, enough to cope with almost all car applications.

5. Vacuum cleaner filtration device
The vacuum cleaner relies on the motor rotation to cause adsorption, and then the dust and waste will be sucked into the dust collector box, the role of the consideration system is to protect the dust and waste in the dust box, do not have to let it run out with the wind, but many of the filtration devices on the market now choose all the filters, the waste is likely to be unable to run out, but the dust is not protected, from the gap to climb out.
When selecting a vacuum cleaner, look mainly at the filtering device. A good one

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