Top 10 Tips for Using Credit Cards

SERENA 2023-03-10
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As more and more people use credit cards because of changing spendingonline credit card payment gateway patterns, there are benefits to using credit cards: first, it makes your credit history more concrete. Banks or financial institutions can easily assess the risk of loans when granting loans such as home loans and auto loans, but this is not the case without the use of credit cards, which have a higher probability of not being used. So white household bank loans are bad; secondly, if the credit card is used properly, at least 30 days can be interest-free, not only for you to use the white household with a limit, but also for business points and benefits.

Under normal circumstances, when using the card, you should spend rationally, do cnc machined aluminumyour best and plan well. If the credit card is not used properly, not paying in full before the payment date can incur a lot of extra interest and penalties that will not be noticed at all. Check the billing details and pay attention to the repayment schedule, and to avoid working at the bank, you should pay attention to the following 10 credit card usage tips.

First, use the card for free enough swipes

Credit card companies are charged an annual fee each year, if we use differentWhatsminer M31S+ times less is going to charge an administrative fee, generally through the bank development are China to brush enough 6 strokes a year free annual fee, otherwise charge 300 yuan annual fee, so for this money can not let the people's bank for nothing.


use the card more sweep code, through Alipay WeChat sweep code payment, choose credit card payment, this way the UnionPay regulations rate 0.38%, the bank on subsidies, can be used with confidence, diversified credit card consumption channels, conducive to withdraw.

Three, try to do less installment

Installment payment is a fee, interest is calculated based on the total amount of the loan, for example, you 20,000 yuan you divided twelve, you pay back 10,000, it generates interest or the total amount of 20,000 yuan to calculate, so installment payment is not cost-effective. If you want to increase the use of the card in stages, you can consider a small number of points, do a three-stage, phased in the next bank's activities.

Fourth, do not pay the minimum repayment

The calculation of interest and fees for the minimum payment is the same as for installment payments. Interest and fees are calculated on a total basis. If you often make minimum repayments, you will accumulate a lot of interest and default fees. The more total debt you have, the more you will crush yourself one day.

V. Pay attention to the time of card swiping

The first day after the credit card bill day swipe, you can enjoy at least 50 days interest-free period by enjoying life, while the day of the bill day swipe, you can only enjoy 25 days interest-free period by yourself, grasp the time to swipe data constantly improve the use of business capital management

Sixth, a variety of consumption, swipe, sweeping code, improve the frequency of card swipe

Many people will swipe the credit card in one breath, which seems more convenient, but this is a good way to kill the chicken and the egg. A lot of cut-off cards and do not get the amount of the card are related to the frequency of consumption, must make a single consumption and swipe the frequency of the card becomes reasonable, so that the card will not be controlled by the bank risk

Seven, modify the credit card billing date

Some banks can modify the billing date, the modified credit card interest-free period can be extended by one month, so this function is not necessary.

Eight, on time and in full repayment

This is a point that must be noted at the same time, the bank is most afraid of the due not to pay the money, of course, students for the company due not to pay the ability to punish the most severe, overdue people not only to bear their own high interest charges and late fees, etc., and may even be on the credit record. As long as the full amount of repayment, the bank is not accounted for need we can cheap.
Nine, only repay the amount owed, to avoid overpaying the deposit

You can pay as many bills as you want. Don't put money on your credit card. The extra money will be paid by credit card. There is no interest, but there will be a fee for cashing out. If you cancel, there will be a loss

X. Participate in the bank app.

Credit card is a lot of students open teaching activities, if you often organize to participate in the construction bank's activities APP activities, improve our credit card activity and participation, the bank will continue to improve your qualification management, natural per withdrawals will be much more lenient to you. Some college credit cards will give some corresponding rights and interests every month, not use will also expire, but also through the App at the same time to study points exchange!

I hope the above card tips will be helpful to you.

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