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Key points to note when using infrared thermometer in the ear

Jasmine 2023-02-27

Key points to note when using infrared thermometer in the ear
The basic principle of the ear thermometer braun thermoscan ear thermometer is to measure the working temperature of the ear drum, so the ear must be cleared at the beginning, if there is ear wax it is easy to harm the test results, and because the ear is curved, it is also necessary to lift the ear to the front and make the ear hole straight, so that the ear thermometer monitoring camera can accurately measure the ear drum before testing. In addition, the following key aspects should be noted:
1, before using the ear thermometer must be put into the general geographic environment of room temperature about (16 ℃ ~ 35 ℃) at least 30min, especially in winter, to avoid the temperature detection return error due to ultra-low temperature or ambient temperature too high geographic environment.

2. The subject should avoid moisture in buy whatsminer m30s++the ear before taking the temperature and keep the ear clean and tidy; and the standard is that the body temperature is balanced to be suitable for temperature testing, for example, after exercise or a hot bath, their body temperature is usually higher.

3. It is recommended that temperature plastic prototype testing be done in the same ear.

4, when constantly and repeatedly measured, pay attention to the intermittent time of temperature detection, take the surveillance camera away and rest for 5 seconds before the next accurate measurement. Temperature detection time can also not be maintained for a long time, or it will lead to changes in the value.

3, the characteristics of the infrared thermometer inside the ear
One second to detect the ambient temperature, measured after the "wow" sound to remind.
LCD led backlight indicates that the role of 8 groups of memory.
Fully automatic disconnection switch power, long lasting and durable.
Safety, rapid, accurate.

General on the precise measurement of human body temperature than electronic devices oral thermometer and laminated glass mercury thermometer to some higher.

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