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Design process of plastic parts and overall design key points

Eudora 2022-06-14

Design process of plastic parts and overall design key points

A, the characteristics of the design of plastic products
The development of plastic prototype plastic parts products and other materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, wood and many other design solutions are similar; however, because of the plurality of plastic material composition, structure, look like plurality, prompting it to have more satisfactory design solutions than other raw materials characteristics; especially its style design solutions, raw material selection, manufacturing methods selection, is also the vast majority of other raw materials can not be compared. As most of the other materials, its designers in the appearance or manufacturing, are very limited, there are some materials only using bending, welding and other forms to form. Naturally, the diversity of plastic material selection, but also contribute to the design of the program work more and more difficult, as we all know, at this stage there are more than 10,000 different kinds of plastic has been used, although only a few hundred of them are widely used, but the plastic material is not generated by a single material, but by a group of raw materials family, in which each raw material and has its own characteristics, which prompted The selection of raw materials, the use of more difficult.

Second, the principle of plastic product design

According to the property management software function of the finished product needs to decide its appearance, specifications, appearance, raw materials
2. The design of the finished product must be in line with the standards of rubber and plastic products, both mold production is very easy, after molding production processing is very easy, but still maintain the function of the finished product.

Three, plastic products design program process

In order to better ensure East Rail Line Extension that the equipment developed can be effective and economic development, in the design of the product in the early stages, in the appearance of designers, organization of technical engineers, draftsmen, mold producers, molding plants and raw materials supply plants in close collaboration is a certain, because no designer, can have such a universal expertise and work experience together, and from the work of the same insights acquired by the proposal, will be In addition, an effective design takes into account the procedural flow is also certain; the following general procedural flow of the combined design scheme is shown:
(1) Clear the functional requirements and appearance of the equipment
At the beginning of the design process, the designer must list the purpose of the product and the functional requirements; then, according to the specific considerations, decide the scope of the design factors in order to prevent the possible leakage of time and cost in the subsequent development trend of the equipment. The following table is a checklist of design products, which will facilitate the identification of various design solution factors.
(2) Preparation of preparatory design drawings
When the functional requirements of the product, appearance is clear, the designer can determine the plastic material characteristics, and gradually produce preparatory product images, in order to do preliminary pricing, reflections and its standard model production.
(3) Make the original solid model
Prototype entity model allows designers to have the opportunity to see the development of the enterprise product entity line, and specific verification of its architectural engineering design. Prototype model production generally has these two methods, the first is the use of plate or rod-shaped raw materials according to the map production processing and then generated a perfect entity model, this type of method of manufacturing entity model, rapid economic development, but, the defect is the amount of less, and more difficult to make structure detection; another method, is the use of occupying the mold shell, can make a little manufacturing, need to spend a higher grinding tool costs, and the time spent longer However, the manufactured equipment is more similar to the real mass production of goods (must be part of the unique mold shell organization, it is likely to be shaped and then manufactured by machining), can do general engineering project testing, and the creation of the mold shell, molding work experience, will be beneficial to the goods for the actual mold production, molding must make appropriate adjustments or assessment.