What types of parts are commonly machined by CNC production machining?

SUE 2023-02-27

What types of parts are commonly machined by CNC production machining?

CNC production machining has a particularly braun thermoscan thermometer high impact in CNC machines and equipment. Many parts processing companies are going to use CNC CNC machining centers. Then CNC production machining can be processed what kind of parts? As we all know, CNC CNC machining center is applicable to the production and processing of complicated, process flow, high provisions, must be various types of general CNC lathes and a variety of CNC blade fixtures, and need to be clamping adjustment for many times to be able to produce processed parts. Its production target is mainly for the shell parts, complicated bevel, shaped parts, package plate parts and unique production processing.

(1) shell parts.
Shell parts generally means with Graphics miner several hole system, the internal structure of the internal cavity, length, width, height with a certain percentage of the parts. This type of parts are mostly used for CNC lathes, vehicles, aviation engineering and other fields. Case parts generally must be multi-process hole system and surface production processing, dimensional tolerances are higher, especially the size tolerance provisions are more stringent, usually through the milling, drilling, expansion, boring, reaming, countersinking, tapping and other processes, must be more CNC inserts. For the production and processing of shell parts CNC machining center, when the production and processing processes are more, must operate the table many times to rotate the parts, generally pick the vertical boring and milling CNC machining center.

(2) complicated bevel.
Complex bevel in the machinery manufacturing precision cnc machined parts industry, especially in the aerospace manufacturing industry has a very critical impact. Application of general production machining methods are difficult or even unlikely to carry out the more complex bevel. In China, the traditional method is to use precision castings, which are obviously less accurate. Complex beveled parts, such as: a variety of centrifugal impellers, guide impellers, curved surfaces, a variety of beveled molding, aircraft propellers and watercraft propellers, and a number of other random bevels. The following are the more common ones.

cnc production processing
(3) shaped parts.
Shaped parts are irregular parts, most must be point, line, surface of the multi-process mixing and production processing. Shaped parts are generally weaker stiffness, clamping deformation can not be manipulated, processing accuracy can not be ensured, and even some parts of some positions with general CNC lathe is also very difficult. With CNC machining center production processing, should use effective process technology countermeasures, once or twice clamped, the use of CNC machining center multi-process point, line, surface mixed production and processing characteristics, multi-process process or all process flow.

(4) garden disk, sleeve specifications and parts.
Bore with Kin slot, or tangential hole, or all over the hole system software, crankset or shaft parts, such as flange couplings, Kin slot or square head shaft parts, etc., and its multi-hole structure production and processing parts, such as a variety of motor bore with all over the hole and beveled garden disk parts should be selected for vertical machining center, while the vertical machining center containing axial holes should be selected.

(5) new research and development parts
CNC machining center has wide adaptability and high operational flexibility. When changing the production and processing target, just compile the program and type in the new program flow to complete the production and processing.

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