How do active noise-cancelling headphones identify each frequency of sound to reduce noise?

Ashley 2022-06-09

How do active noise-cancelling headphones identify each frequency of sound to reduce noise?

Active noise-cancelling headphones have a microphone on the outside, a speaker in the middle, and a microphone on the inside. The outer microphones recognize surrounding sounds, the middle speaker plays inverse sound waves to cancel the noise, and the inner microphones serve as feedback to check how much noise is reduced.

You might ask, how do headphones keep the music from being canceled?

This is because the active noise-cancelling headphones will only cancel the sound received by the external microphone, and the sound such as music coming in through the data noise cancelling earbuds and earphones,cable will not be affected.

Digital active noise canceling headphones can also automatically perceive ambient sounds through algorithms, there is no surrounding noise, and surrounding noise reduction, slightly larger noise reduction, smaller noise reduction. While making sure to enjoy the music, you won't miss the information that pops up around you.

When you listen to music on a morning run, you need to hear both the noise and the car horn

Do Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Affect Your Hearing?

In fact, active noise-cancelling headphones are definitely good for hearing.

Why can we say that?

This is because the company has a masking effect on hearing. In the analysis of a noisy environment, for example, the noise pollution environment is 70 decibels. At least we need to put Chinese music education at 75 decibels or 80 decibels to suppress the noise. If the ambient noise is only 30 decibels, then 45 decibels of music can be heard clearly.

When the surrounding is very noisy, we will automatically turn up the music volume, otherwise we will not hear many details. The louder the environment and the louder the sound, the more damage to the ears. In order to ensure the bass effect you want, some mobile phones will also use some compensation methods to make the bass louder.