Sommelier certificate how to test? What are the entry requirements?

scalett 2022-06-09

Sommelier certificate how to test? What are the entry requirements?

The technicality of wine tasting is one wine tasting hong kongof the core technologies that jeopardize the standard of wine making. At this stage, the wine making companies in China exceed 15,600, practitioners exceed 8 million people, the professional and technical personnel engaged in wine tasting nearly 30 tens of thousands of people. However, along with the development trend of the liquor industry, this total is far from meeting the company's requirements. According to statistical analysis by the China Wine Industry Association, at this stage 60% of brewing companies in China feel that there are not enough professional sommeliers, and 20% of companies do not have professional sommeliers. Sommelier earnings are also related to their own experience. At this stage, the annual income of a perfect sommelier on the market is up and down 80,000, while the outstanding sommelier who can achieve the level of new product development earns more than 200,000 yuan a year. A large number of qualifications about the registration and its view is also unclear, you can chat with me privately Oh or care WeChat public platform "XiaTian", pay attention to me, do not get lost, master a large number of areas to test qualifications detailed news information

The taster is a person who uses 5g nb sensory tasting techniques to review the quality of red wine, provide specific guidance on winemaking techniques, storage and blending, design solutions for wine quality, and develop merchandise. Sommelier is a particularly tough job in. The average value of each year to taste more than 3,000 kinds of new wines. My mind stores more than 10,000 flavors.

With a relatively high degree of hk mtr dexterity cognition, colorful work experience and precise ability to distinguish work, the taster accurately distinguishes the grape varieties used, the production process chosen, the age of red wine, the origin of red wine, the style and characteristics of red wine, and even the key drawbacks. In addition, they also assist consumers to select red wine with their own characteristics and match with different dishes to present the best quality of red wine. In addition, they often participate in some high-end banquet or business reception party activities, detailed wine knowledge, spreading wine culture. At this stage, the wine industry is developing rapidly, but the majority of companies feel that there is not enough or even a lack of professional sommeliers. Sommeliers are also necessary in many fields, such as wine marketing and sales companies, quality supervision units of government departments, wine marketing and sales associations, five-star hotels, wine manufacturing enterprises, wine club forces and other industries.