What do you mean by 3D printing out? What is the basic principle of forming?

Ella 2022-06-18


3D copiers, English "3DPrinters", 3d molding 3D printing out of this name is the recent years of the commodity for civilian-type sales market and a new vocabulary, is a popular name, in fact, in the professional field it has other academic research name "rapid forming technology (and "Rapid Prototyping Technology", "Incremental Production Technology", and "3D Copier").

3D copiers, English "3DPrinters", mobile mine 3D printing out of this name is a new vocabulary in recent years the commodity for civilian-type sales market, is a common name, in fact, in the professional field it has other academic research name "rapid prototyping technology "(and "Rapid Prototyping Technology", "Incremental Production Technology", "Additive Technology").

Rapid Prototyping Technology (also mtr hk known as RapidPrototypingManufacturing, commonly known as RPM), which was introduced in the mid to late 80s of the 20th century, is a high-tech production technology based on the raw material deposition method, and is a technology that does not require traditional CNC blades, fixtures, and CNC lathes to create a random look. Based on the three-dimensional model data information of the parts or items, according to the forming machine and equipment to make the technical nature of the solid entity model by the method of superposition of raw materials, is felt to be a major breakthrough in the production and manufacturing industry in the past 20 years. It integrates mechanical automation, CAD, reverse engineering technology, hierarchical production technology, CNC processing technology, management science, and laser equipment, and can fully automate, immediately, quickly, and precisely change the design concept into the original shape with a certain role or immediately produce the manufacturing parts, thus giving an efficient and cost-saving completion to the fields of original shape making of parts and testing of new design solutions thinking. The

RPM technology is based on the trend of integration of contemporary CAD/CAM technology, laser equipment, electronic computer numerical control processing technology, high precision servo motor drive technology and new materials. Different varieties of rapid prototyping technology system software have different basic principles of molding and system characteristics due to different common molding raw materials. However, the principle is the same, that is, "hierarchical production and manufacturing, step by step accumulation", this kind of technology can be brand image called "raising method" or "addition and subtraction method". Brand image, rapid prototyping system software is like a "three-dimensional printer", thus the name "3D copier".

The basic principle of the 3D copier: The 3D copier can create a cross-section with a certain thickness and special style based on the appearance of the part, and then glue them together step by step to obtain a three-dimensional part of the desired production. Each cross-section is equivalent to a CT photo in medicine; the whole production process can be described as a "credit card credit" process. Naturally, the whole process is computerized and performed by a 3D copier system.