Five basic functions of HRMS to help improve business productivity

Angelina 2023-04-28

Five basic functions of HRMS to help improve business productivity

1. Unlimited Workflow

Unlimited Workflow is the main feature that allows you to get approval for every employee's task request and human resource management system track the status of the request in real time.

This feature ensures a seamless online approval system process where employers and employees can communicate, plan and complete their respective work business processes on one platform.

2. Task Management

With Teamface Enterprise Canon's task management function, HR managers can accurately track and even pre-approve employee task requests.

Tests such as business trips, silicone molding company vacations, or work from home can be requested through the Teamface Enterprise application. This feature indirectly enables your employees to take action, request and get - official approval to develop faster, more confident decision makers.

3. e-Claims

This feature will require employees to scan receipts, submit claims, and immediately scan existing claims. EBIT miner On the other hand, HR departments will be able to get quick and timely updates on expenses across the organization.

4. Shift, Overtime and Attendance Management

Get an overview of the remaining leave request history for teams, departments, and branches through the Duty Management, Overtime Management, and Attendance Management features. This helps HR to customize leave types - paid, unpaid, replacement, etc.

As you gain real-time visibility into employee attendance and daily work hours and monitor their respective work patterns and styles, you will strive to enable your employees to better manage workloads across projects and departments.

5. Payroll Management

The many benefits of HRMS include payroll management, which is a definite personal favorite.

The payroll feature allows employees to submit leave requests, exchange shifts and update personal contact information. It gives you the peace of mind you need to grow your employees and your business!

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