You can still hear the sound after farting. Are Noise Cancelling Headphones an IQ Tax?

SELINA 2023-02-27

wireless noise cancelling earbuds

First of all, it is necessary to know that there is a certain delay wireless noise cancelling earbuds in the research of system functional characteristics such as headphone microphone and speaker, and active noise reduction requires us to offset the information feedback for the rapid development of real-time sound, which requires the vibration frequency of Chinese sound to be relatively slow.

If the feedback time of the headphone noise reduction mechanism processing is 0.0005 seconds, it will only miss a little bit for the 200Hz sound, but if it is a 2000Hz sound, you will miss a full sound vibration. In short, low-frequency sounds are more likely to be processed in time than high-frequency sounds.

In addition, in the process of "collecting sound, generating cancelling sound waves, and playing" white noise "cancellation", the effect of strong regular sound is better, but the human voice changes rapidly, and the waveform is unstable and almost irregular, which is naturally difficult to eliminate.

Last but not least, from a practical standpoint, most of the ambient noise in our lives is between 100 Hz and 1000 Hz, and Active Noise Cancellation is good enough to block most of it.

If the headset completely masks the human voice, it will have some adverse effects on the security of enterprise users. Because in many different occasions, even if we are using headphones in China, we need to selectively obtain some relevant information through external sounds.

That's why some noise-cancelling headphones on the market specifically include an "ambient sound" mode.

For example, the Lvlian HiTune T3 earphones, which have recently become popular on e-commerce platforms, have the dual functions of ANC active noise reduction and ENC ambient noise noise reduction, which can effectively filter out 90% of ambient noise in noise reduction mode. However, in "Ambient Sound" mode, ambient sound is not masked, in most cases there is no need to remove the headphones, ambient sound can be heard while listening to music, and conversations with friends are not affected by wearing headphones, when You can hear car sirens as you cross the road, and you don't have to worry about missing broadcasts when you're traveling by subway or bus.

Look here, I believe many friends have solved this problem. Based on the current noise reduction technology, there is not yet a complete noise reduction headset, but if the noise reduction technology breaks through in the future, high frequency sound insulation is not impossible. But from an empirical point of view, complete noise reduction is not in line with real-life scenarios, and few people will need to completely cut off the sound. After all, there is a lot of information to pay attention to.

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