Is the infrared thermometer accurate? Measurement of two places

Eve 2022-06-09

Is the infrared thermometer accurate? Measurement of two places

Infrared thermometer measurement is accurate, but only if the user's operating method should be correct, if the operating method is incorrect, the measurement is not accurate.

Then how to measure the infrared thermometer, what is the correct method of operation? The specific situation is as follows.

A, measurement forehead

braun forehead thermometer Forehead measurement is a conventional measurement method, mainly to measure the temperature of our body surface, but also the most direct and convenient measurement method, then what is its measurement method?

First, we should be 1-3 cm away from the forehead, and then aim at the middle of the forehead, when measuring the forehead, there should be no hair and other debris, otherwise it will affect the measurement results.

Measurement of the ear

Ear temperature measurement is usually used for infants, because the body surface temperature of infants is not very stable, because their body temperature system is not as stable as that of adults, so compared to the influence of many factors of the body surface temperature, in-ear temperature measurement is more suitable for infants.

When measuring here, it is important to note that the probe should be sterilized and then gently inserted into the baby's ear, and the ear should be kept clean, otherwise contaminants in the ear will also affect the measurement results.

Is the data measured by the infrared thermometer accurate? Infrared thermometer measurement error value is within 0.2 range, so it is considered to be a relatively accurate analysis.