Which brand of coffee machine is more suitable for making coffee at home

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Which brand of coffee machine is more suitable for making coffee at home

Coffee is no longer the "high-end drink" of the year. With the continuous development of coffee culture in our country, the number of coffee shops is increasing day by day, and the base of people who drink coffee is also growing. What follows is that more people are willing to make their own coffee machine brand.

Drinking alone, it is not recommended to buy espresso machines, American drip filters, and all kinds of automatic coffee machines

Reason 1: The entry-level espresso machine needs more than 2000, this entry only refers to "be able to make espresso".

Reason 2: The coffee machine must be equipped with an Italian grinder. The entry-level version of the Italian grinder is about 2000 or more.

Reason 3: It takes a long time to warm up and the cleaning process before shutting down is complicated. (Of course if you have a lot of time)

Reason 4: Non-professionals, the maintenance process is complicated. (Italian machines have a high frequency of problems)

Reason 5: It is not easy to clean the interior of fully automatic coffee, the low-priced ones do not taste good, and the good-tasting prices generally exceed 10,000.

Reason 6: Large area! ! ! One coffee machine, one grinder.

Recommended purchase: all kinds of brewing machines

You need to buy a hand-cranked or electric grinder for the following appliances. The price of a hand-cranked grinder is as small as 100 or as large as tens of thousands. It is fine for households under 1,000 yuan. The electric grinder recommends Japan's Fuji and Kalita, the price is about 2,800 yuan.

Recommendation 1: French pressure pot

French press pots generally have a capacity of 1000ml, but also have a capacity of about 700ml. You only need to pour the ground coffee powder into the pot and soak for about 4 minutes (for taste and bean roasting changes), then pour it out and drink it.

Recommendation 2: Hand-made coffee appliances

The ground coffee espresso machine brand can be brewed using a hand pot, filter cup, and filter paper. It is easy to get started, and more importantly, it can adjust the taste of coffee during the brewing process, which is very playable.

Recommendation 3: Philharmonic

Put the coffee powder into the appliance, soak it for 1-2 minutes, and then press it down firmly.

Recommendation 4: Siphon pot

The most admirable brewing appliance is also a more complicated appliance, but it is highly playable and requires higher control details for coffee. Compared to hand brewed coffee, siphon coffee has a more mellow and fragrant taste.

There are also espresso and specialty coffee. how to say? Specialty coffee will make us choose more, and the coffee flavor will be richer. Here we recommend Ethiopian washed & sun-dried coffee beans, Kenyan washed, Colombian washed, Panama Geisha, and you can buy Indonesian or Yunnan coffee beans with strong flavor.

If you like milk coffee, you only need to brew the coffee to a stronger flavor, and add some milk to enjoy delicious coffee.

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