Cummins, 3M jointly developed high-tech protective equipment

Vanessa 2020-05-18

Cummins, 3M jointly developed high-tech protective equipment

Cummins, engine filter Cleaner manufacturers are shifting part of their production capacity to filters that make 3M products that fight coronavirus.

Cummins said it has reached an agreement with 3M to start manufacturing high-efficiency particulate filters for the 3M product "electric air purifying respirator" (PAPR).

Cummins described PAPR as a device in the version announcing the partnership, "a battery-powered blower sends filtered air into the hood or overhead to cover the wearer ’s head or face; respiratory protection, especially in Under critical medical conditions, for example as an aerosol-generating procedure, "The

Cummins statement also states that PAPR" may be more comfortable for people who need long-term respiratory protection.

Cummins Engineering Executive Director Greg Hoverson told FreightWaves, "During the manufacturing process, we manufacture some diesel air filter products that are similar in size and shape to diesel engines." Hoverson said that the process for manufacturing them is similar to the 3M manufacturing system. "This is what we can use."

Although the production of the filter will begin later this month, Hoverson said that Cummins and 3M have been discussing this issue since January, and through what he called The "Filter Alliance" merged them together. Hoverson said that the discussion involved Cummins' recently announced plans to produce raw materials for N95 masks, "This dialogue brings opportunities."

Cummins will produce filters at its Nielsville plant in Wisconsin. The final test will be completed here and then shipped to Valley, Nebraska, where 3M produces PAPR.

Hoverson said that the entire plant in Neilllsville will not be handed over to manufacture filters, but will use a complete product line for production.

Vitae 健面緊膚

Vitae 健面緊膚

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in March, Cummins was discussing a newly announced partnership with 3M. Humpherson said that the plan started about a month ago and the production plan started at the end of this month.

Huffson said of the speed of this arrangement: "Of course, this is one of the fastest procedures I have ever participated in." "Once we see an opportunity, each of us will recognize the similarities and opportunities here. "

Hoverson said that 3M has manufactured 100% filters for PAPR. He said that Cummins filters will supplement these filters and the output will be "slightly more than twice."

Humpherson said the Wisconsin plant has not been closed. He added that the factory's schedule has been changed and has invested in improving production capacity.

Hofson said there is no time limit for establishing a cooperative relationship. He said: "This is a short-term agreement to resolve a specific peak, hoping to bring opportunities to both parties."

In a Cummins statement, 3M Chairman and CEO Mike Roman stated that his company "will work around the clock to provide personal protective equipment for the courageous medical and emergency personnel on the front line of COVID-19 (including PAPR)."

He added: "Our partnership with Cummins will help us produce more of this critical equipment in the coming months."

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