Gas purifier to remove formaldehyde is really effective

Lisa 2022-06-22


Many people buy air purifiers to remove Nepia indoor odors and refresh the house gas, especially those who have small animals at home, but also the elderly and children, the demand for indoor air quality is very high. Then is the newly renovated house, furniture these more or less will appear indoor formaldehyde, the use of air purifiers can absorb this toxic substance. That air purifier to remove formaldehyde whether there is a real effect?

A, gas purifier to remove formaldehyde does have effect?

Air purifier can remove formaldehyde, google pay online shopping but its effectiveness is very limited. The basic principle of the purifier is mostly the use of physical filtration and adhesion work ability to remove harmful substances in the indoor air quality, such as dust, animal hair, second-hand smoke, kitchen fumes, etc., and thus purify the indoor air. Naturally, the molecular structure of some indoor formaldehyde in the air can still be absorbed and decomposed, which is likely to cause "secondary pollution", i.e. it is difficult to achieve significant practical results. In addition, air purification machine can only assist in the removal of formaldehyde, there are many indoor formaldehyde at home, only rely on air purification machine is completely bad, must be based on the professional company governance structure to remove it. Unless the home in formaldehyde and benzene and other pollutants relatively small, you can use air purifiers to remove formaldehyde.

Second, which gas purifier to remove formaldehyde is the best

If you want to remove air purifier for cat allergies formaldehyde, you must pick a fume purifier with a formaldehyde removal filter cartridge, the general filter cartridge is generally not available to remove formaldehyde. Then it is to pick the famous brand, high quality air purifier, in the selection of more than some comprehensive indicators such as indoor formaldehyde CADR value, indoor formaldehyde CCM value, removal of formaldehyde rate, etc., in addition to the need to consider the removal of formaldehyde technicality, equipment quality, etc.

Most home air purifiers are in passive filters, and generally have a "primary + activated carbon + high efficiency" three-layer design program to achieve the purpose of overconsideration and air purification, and indoor formaldehyde removal is generally based on the activated carbon filter digestion and absorption of free formaldehyde in the air, to achieve the actual effect of formaldehyde removal. In addition to this type of purely passive removal method, there are also ways to dissolve it into carbon dioxide and water according to air negative ions, and its decomposition method according to the catalytic reaction of nano titanium dioxide.