Polestar's design director revealed how the

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Polestar's design director revealed how the

The concept of "Polaris Discipline" should be the star of the 2020 Geneva Motor Show. It has all the right features that dominate today's auto show: electric powertrain, sensor array worth jetting from fighter jets, semi-automatic function, gorgeous design, and production cars close to the door.

Then COVID-19. With the rapid spread of coronaviruses around the world, the organizers of the Geneva Motor Show canceled the 2020 version of the event, so no preparation was made for Precept's starting race. However, even the global virus outbreak cannot stop the story of a good car from reaching there. At the fixed auto show, Polestar, like many of us, turned to the power of video chat to keep its plans running and spread good words about the futuristic Precept.

This is how we talked to Max Missoni, Polestar's design director (he was at his Swedish home instead of the Geneva showroom).

Q: When did you start learning commandments?

Answer: Mid-2019. I must say that this is regrettable (it did not debut in Geneva) – but I do hope we find a way to prove it. Of course it will. When you see it in person, it is really great. I have always been my own harshest critic, but I fell in love with this car.

The big thing about this car is [have a chance] let go and say that this is our future direction. There is a lot of discussion about Polestar. Will we leave Volvo like Volvo? Now, we will show everyone the future direction of the brand.

The [development] of Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 is quite fast. The key is to enter the market as soon as possible. Now, [we] must display [execute]. Now we have three points. Now you know where the journey is going.

Q: From a design perspective, how much of what we see here will be used for production?

A: We do n’t want to make too many promises. We do like these crazy concept cars, but we believe they will be close to mass production. If people see themselves driving it, it will be more inspiring.

Q: What is the difference between designing an internal combustion engine concept car and an electric concept car?

A: By using electric platforms, you can get all the benefits-infotainment, sustainability, driver assistance-how can we embed them in the design? How do we celebrate them?

I always dreamed of replacing the grille with something else. I have been thinking about this idea (to celebrate advanced driver assistance systems). They will basically take over. Soap was once an exhaust pipe and automotive technology project that we celebrated, and it's related to combustion ... Why don't we replace them with high-tech sensors and systems, but celebrate? In order to get rid of the breathing appearance of [front grille], the appearance must be seen.

Vitae 健面緊膚

Vitae 健面緊膚

Q: What is the biggest challenge of this design?

Answer: There are several challenges. One is to create a texture inside, but without citing obvious phenomena-no chrome, no leather. We try to create a new, simpler, more futuristic sense of luxury.

Q: I heard that pressing a spacious interior into a four-door coupe with a good drag coefficient is also a challenge.

A: At first it was a challenge, but then it became the "Eureka!" Moment.

Q: This is the method you came up with, which is to put the rear window aside and only use the camera, right? So, can you design the rear for maximum headroom?

Yes. Being different is not just weird. There is actually a very pragmatic reason.

Q: This is not a legal issue, right? I mean, trucks and vans without rearview mirrors will escape.

Answer: (nodding) This is why it is so attractive. Let us see what happens [in terms of production potential].

Q: Which part are you most proud of?

Answer: Front sensor and beautiful. In the past few years, I have been working hard to realize this idea. Even [name of the front sensor zone] "SmartZone" is obvious. We can redesign the front layout, which is really great.

All the content of this car is not just based on styling. Everything is very logical and strict, there is no style function just because we can do it. There is some technology behind everything you think of exciting style features.

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