An old mop sink that actually works quite well.

Debbie 2022-12-16

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An outdated mop sink, but it can be found in many people's homes for one reason: it is functional.

A mop pool can help solve many problems for people who are full of life.

But now there are a lot of small life is very delicate, a variety of black technology at home, electric mop cordless electric spin mopnatural for the mop pool disdain, now a variety of disposable mop, steam mop, robot more and more, for many people, do not personally wash the mop or even mop the floor.

Since the mop sink is said to be very practical, what are its uses and benefits?

The utility and benefits of a mop sink.

1. Perform the dirtiest work

Daily wash mop, wash mats, shoes, pouring dirty water, and so on are not ambiguous; there is a special place to do these things, away from the laundry pool, toilet, and bathtub, to avoid the cross breeding of bacteria and to be more hygienic.

And now, most people have intelligent toilets installed at home, where dirty water is shed to pour inside, even if the ordinary toilet is estimated that most people do not want to pour in, if the squatting toilet that may not matter.

2.Hand-washing sink for babies

For babies, the sinks at home are generally very high, they are not tall enough to wash their hands, climbing chairs, adults are also concerned about safety issues, a mop sink can be used as a sink, the height is really just right.

3.Bathtub for pets

If you have pets and do not want to share a bathtub with them, a mop pool is unquestionably a good pet bathtub, a bath or no problem.

4.A good location for water drainage

Some items that need to be drained can be hung above the mop sink, preventing water from dripping on the ground and making it slippery.

In a nutshell, it can do most of the dirty work around the house, though there are some that can be best electric steam mopdone through the shower, toilet, or bathtub, etc., none of which are as convenient as the mop sink.

What else can take the place of the mop sink?

1short faucet and bucket

If you don't have a mop sink, you can use a short faucet with a bucket to wash the mop and do other things.

2Multipurpose mop bucket

You can also use this all-in-one multifunctional mop bucket to wash the mop and dehydrate it without using your hands.

3Electrostatic swab

Use a combination of disposable dry towels and wet wipes; you can throw away the paper towels after use, which is good, but you will need to buy paper towels for a long time, which will cost more money.

4th, use a steam mop

The current black technology products, practicality is very high, and it is said that you can also high temperature sterilization and mite, although the initial investment is more money.

Although there are alternatives, the mop pool to most dirty work are lazy in the body, but its alternatives electric mop vs steam mopare not as versatile as it is, in short, the mop pool for useful people, simply boast the sky, for people who do not need as "garbage like" suspicious.