An article to accompany you to master 10 kinds of payment methods

Lareina 2022-04-07

An article to accompany you to master 10 kinds of payment methods

Along with the rapid development of mobile payments in China, the promotion of QR codes has long owned the majority of China's sales market, almost every row and every industry is involved in the use of, now go out no longer need to bring money clips and cash, and even cards can be brought without. Whether you go to eat, buy something, play, travel or pay for medical treatment, just take out your cell phone and sweep a QR code to make a payment. Then how many kinds of mobile payment methods do you know? If you want to grasp the details, please read on!

Mobile payment is the application of general or smart phones to pay or determine payment chinese payment system, rather than paying with cash, savings cards or bank drafts. Mobile payment can also be called payment on cell phones.

1、Convenient payment

Convenient payment means that when users buy goods, they do not need to open internet banking, but only need to give bank card account number, account name, cell phone number and other information content, and after the financial institution verifies the accuracy of the cell phone number, the third party payment pushes the dynamic password on the cell phone to the user's cell phone number, and the user can pay by keying in the accurate dynamic password on the cell phone.

2、China UnionPay sweep QR code

Users apply a variety of China UnionPay organization APP scanner merchant's order information QR code payment for payment. After the user completes the payment, the APP of the financial institution, are the information of the successful payment will be sent to the user, the merchant and the payee.

3, China UnionPay cell phone on the control of payment

China UnionPay cell phone payment control is China UnionPay released cell phone payment goods, users in China UnionPay signed merchant's cell phone app to carry out payment, you can choose cloud flash payment to carry out security, convenient and fast payment goods. The key application is the payment scenario of the integrated China UnionPay payment control in the merchant's App mobile client. If the user has installed the UnionPay Flash App, the merchant App will automatically jump to the UnionPay Flash App for payment after calling the UnionPay payment control, and then jump back to the store App after the payment is made, finally showing the payment result. If the user does not install the UnionPay Flash App, the merchant App will call up the China UnionPay payment control embedded in the cash register to make payment, and the payment result will be shown after the payment is made.

4、NFC payment is also known as "touch payment"

NFC payment does not need to have a mobile data network, just a cell phone applicable to NFC, an NFC magnetic induction paper stickers can be paid.

5、Two-dimensional code payment

Stores according to the application for payment socket, and by the system software to generate QR code, users can rely on mobile payment terminal equipment to scan the QR code, buy and sell convenient, now more widely used.

6、WeChat public number payment

WeChat public payment means that the user opens the merchant's H5 web page in WeChat, and the merchant calls up the WeChat payment control module in the H5 page according to the JSAPI socket given by the enabled WeChat payment to make payment, which is applicable to the payment scenario in WeChat such as WeChat public number, WeChat circle of friends and casual chat dialog box.

7、APP payment

APP payment means that merchants use the integrated external open SDK in the cell phone APP to call up the WeChat payment control module to make payments. For example, Jindo platform, Taobao and other shopping platforms

8、WAP payment/H5 payment

WAP payment is a non-WeChat computer browser payment method based on the basic development of WeChat Public, which can achieve the requirements of WeChat payment on H5 web pages on cell phones outside of WeChat! WAP payment is also called H5 payment, both refer to the cell phone interface payment, WeChat is called H5 payment, Alipay is called WAP payment.

9, mobile POS credit card payment

The use of mobile POS equipment, users apply savings cards, bank credit cards or cell phones on the machine equipment payment APP to carry out credit card payments. The vast majority of people using credit cards will be slightly more in the first two years, in recent years because we are reluctant not to take the card out, it is possible that the bank credit card associated in WeChat, Alipay and other APP, according to the APP to select the bank credit card sweep or brush credit card payment.

10、Face recognition payment

Face recognition payment is a new type of payment method relying on artificial intelligence technology, vision system, 3D sensor, Internet big data and other new technologies to complete, with the advantages of more convenient and fast, more security, good feeling, etc.. The store gives a face recognition machine equipment, the user only must stand in front of the machine equipment to give the face can be paid.

The above 10 kinds of mobile payment methods, there are some are often used by people, there are some most likely we all have all understand, but the specific use of people are not often applied.

Nowadays, the era of rapid progress of mobile payment, many manufacturers are applying mobile payment to complete payment collection, checking, marketing promotion, etc., from small to chain convenience stores, large to shopping malls, such as Wal-Mart, department store supermarkets, chain franchises these. Along with the future development of mobile payment shift, the user's payment requirements are also very diverse, merchants must access a large number of payment methods to meet the user's requirements, the general single mobile payment connection channel has obviously not meet the user, then the new type of diverse mobile payment will be embraced by a large number of merchants.