What are the potential risks of vaginal dryness? You should not be careless

Anita 2021-12-06

1. It may indicate endocrine disorder.

Endocrine disorders are very common in women, especially in middle-aged women over 35 years old. If a woman happens to be at this age and has irregular menstruation, it is important to check for endocrine problems early(陰道乾), which may lead to vaginal discharge and thus vaginal dryness.

2, vaginitis

The most common type of female gynecological inflammation is vaginitis, and many Chinese women are suffering from vaginitis. After women have vaginitis, the vaginal mucosa will be congested, so that students will develop the impact of vaginal secretions can be reduced, female employees will not feel the vaginal dryness.

If there is vaginal dryness, in addition they feel very itchy and painful in their private parts, and the leucorrhea also appears abnormal, it is best to get an early hospital management examination to see if it is caused by vaginitis.

3、Ovarian problems

Every woman will go through menopause. When a woman enters menopause, her ovarian function will deteriorate, resulting in a decrease in vaginal discharge and vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness can occur in women going through menopause or perimenopause, that's why. There are also some young women who have vaginal dryness, which is also caused by the decline of ovarian function at this time, and it is necessary to prevent premature ovarian failure.

4. the vagina self-cleaning problem

The female vagina has the ability to self-clean, and the development of the vagina's self-cleaning ability is mainly dependent on vaginal secretions to show. The female's vaginal self descending ability continues to decline, vaginal secretions will naturally secrete can be reduced, naturally there will be such a dry situation.

Some of our women who have been abstinent for a long time or women who stay in a sexless marriage will be affected by this situation.