Missouri reported nine new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, bringing the total to 24.

Madison 2021-08-26


St. Louis County said they now have five cases and two confirmed cases in St. Louis. The state has not updated the totals for other counties.

ST. Missouri currently has 24 confirmed cases of coronavirus, an increase of 9 from Tuesday.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced a raise at a 6pm press conference. The cases include a person who died in Boone County, the first COVID-19 death in the state.

Health officials say the six first responders being asked to die are being isolated.

St. Louis County said they now have five cases and two confirmed cases in the city of St. Louis. Totals for other counties have not been updated on the state's website.

Missouri Health and Advanced Services Director Randall W. Williams said late Wednesday that the Missouri Health Laboratory is capable of handling 160 tests per day, but the laboratory can only handle 60 to 70 tests per day. .

Williams said that as the number of tests handled by independent laboratories continues to grow, the state will stop providing the total number of tests that run daily in the near future.

Williams said the phone numbers for the Department of Health and Advanced Services are updated twice a day at 8 am and 8 pm respectively.

The state is responding to hospital requests for other personal protective equipment and plans to start shipping on Thursday. The state's National Guard is on standby and ready to respond when the governor decides to activate them.

Parsons also signed an executive order that removes regulations in certain industries, so hospitals, transportation companies, and education providers have more flexibility to respond to the daily changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

"This coronavirus spreads across the state every day, so it has to be checked every day, you have to understand that the governor's office changes these things every day based on our decisions, so I do n’t know if anything is difficult and Specifically, we made the decision, "Parson said. "Tomorrow we may make a different decision, but we will try to develop a plan to figure out how we will do this social isolation because I think it is the key."

For business owners in the state, Governor Parson said The state will launch a disaster loan program across the state in the near future. The Missouri economic development chief said this would allow small businesses to apply for federal disaster small business loans. For-profit companies can apply for 30-year loans up to $ 2 million at an interest rate of 3.75%. Non-profit companies can apply for 30-year loans up to $ 2 million at an interest rate of 2.75%. rate.

Parson also said that he has maintained contact with utility companies across the state and that all companies have agreed to stop any service interruptions at this time.

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