Women's private parts are obviously dry, what can be done to alleviate it?

Susan 2021-12-06


1. Don't over-clean

Female patients have symptoms Vaginal dryness(陰道乾) of vaginal dryness. We should pay more attention to the degree of local cleansing development, and the frequency of cleansing should not be too high. Many women do not need to pay attention to this social problem. They often clean their vulva, and overuse the cleansing fluid, which can easily cause the imbalance of vaginal acidity to be broken.

If a local acid is unbalanced, it may cause the female vagina to become dry, and it is easy to induce gynecological diseases. The development of women requires us to pay attention to this social issue, and we should not over-cleanse to prevent health from being affected.

2. Improve ovarian function

For women with vaginal dryness, it should be noted that the main function of the ovaries can be improved, and the state of a private part of the lubrication system can be maintained by continuously improving the ovarian function. Because women with premature ovarian failure may also cause obvious dryness in the private parts, you will feel vaginal pain during the management of sexual intercourse.

If we can pay attention to the acquisition of antioxidant active substances, usually maintain a good attitude and actively exercise, the ovarian function will return to normal, the normal cells of estrogen will be secreted, and the performance of female vaginal dryness will also be improved.

3. Improve gynecological diseases

Women can often have symptoms of vaginal dryness, and we need to understand whether it is related to gynecological diseases. Many gynecological diseases will affect the physical and mental health of female patients during the development history. In addition to menstrual disorders, they may also have increased leucorrhea.

These gynecological symptoms can also cause vaginal dryness in women in the process of affecting their health. We need to treat specific gynecological diseases. Generally, gynecological diseases can be effectively controlled, and the performance of female vaginal dryness will gradually get better.

4. Get foreign estrogen

Women often have symptoms of vaginal dryness and need to understand the specific reasons, because female vaginal dryness may be caused by low estrogen levels. Some women usually do not maintain good living habits, which easily leads to endocrine dysfunction. If the body does not secrete enough estrogen, it may cause vaginal dryness in women.

Therefore, we can improve this development by obtaining sufficient estrogen at the same time, and obtain foreign estrogen through dietary adjustment, so that a woman has enough estrogen to maintain the normal physiological system function of the society, and vaginal dryness will also appear. Slowly get better.

5. Use lubricating products

If women have symptoms of vaginal dryness, they can use lubricating products appropriately. Because a part of women ages at a faster rate after they get older, they may have vaginal dryness.

If it is caused by aging, it is generally difficult to get better. In this case, you can use products that lubricate the vagina. The performance of vaginal dryness will be improved, so that it is not easy to feel pain in the private part during intercourse. This is a more effective way to improve vaginal dryness.