Maya Jama's fake freckles The 25-year-old host likes to give her a "fantasy" without makeup by adding a brown spot to the skin o

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"If I apply a lot of makeup, I will add fake freckles to give the illusion of bare skin," she told Met Magazine.

"I have about three natural people, but more than twenty."

On the day Maya abandoned the foundation, she always relied on her "savior" product, MAC Studio Fix Concealer, to hide dark circles and blemishes.

She said: "The concealer is my savior. That's why I don't make up because I don't make up foundation, so I always use it to cover tired eyes."

The former "Circle" host has been using the same eyeliner since his teens.

"In my school, liquid lining is a big deal, but I had to spend hours trying to make it right.

"I still use the same one."

And, Maya has never strayed from her favorite Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, which makes the lashes look long.

"One of the cheapest products in my cosmetic bag is one of the best," she said.

"It will always be my favorite mascara."

The Maya recently admitted that she never cooks and would rather order a takeaway after a busy day.

She said: "I can't lie, I can't cook.

"A lot of my DJ or hosting work is done in the evening, so when I went in, I was curious to know.

"I looked at things in the refrigerator and thought, 'I might spend a lot of time trying to do all of these things, and eventually I will get more tired or order things quickly.'

"I'm a Queen of Deliveroo! My first choice was five people and John Pappas, because the opening was really late."

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