You can make beef hot pot at home

Andrea 2021-12-06


The weather is getting colder day by day, and I don't usually Beef Shabu(牛涮鍋) eat hot pot much. After the winter, I want to have a meal every time. In recent years, beef hot pot has gradually become popular. In fact, you can make delicious beef hot pot at home, so let's try it when you prepare the ingredients.


1000g beef tendon 500g white radish

400 grams of tofu, 500 grams of baby vegetables

Beef bone 600g


100 grams of green garlic, 30 grams of ginger

A bag of five-spice powder gravy, half a clove of garlic

100g pickled vegetables, 200g Sichuan hot pot base

A small amount of cooking wine, salt, etc.

1. The first step is to take it quickly and easily: use the beef you bought to pass the water, and then add your own set of braised meat ingredients to make braised beef. Beef shuttlecock is the best. Know a little bit of stewed in advance. Beef can not be too badly stewed. It is better to slice it in a little refrigerated process.

2. Boil the beef bones into bone soup, add a little ginger and a little rice wine, the beef bone oil is big, remember to skim off the heavy oil so that it is healthy. When the soup is almost boiled, pour it into the hot pot, add the sliced ​​radish and tofu cubes, continue to cook, let the radish and tofu taste.

3. Prepare green garlic, garlic, ginger, etc.

4. Cut the beef into slices, add the ginger, garlic and Sichuan hot pot ingredients, you can add some pickled vegetables in, and stir-fry in the oil pan until it is fragrant!

5. The oily and fragrant beef products are out of the pot

6. The fried beef can be added to the bone soup pot that is being stewed in China, mix it in the soup, and continue to boil on a low heat for a while! Until tasty.

7. You can also add some meat from other countries, I added five-spice fatty sausage

8. Add some Chinese cabbage before it comes out of the pot. You can eat it when it is cooked. It is too fragrant. The beef is chewy. The radish and tofu are very tasty, crispy and delicious!

Has the student learned to learn now? When the beef stew, I order white radish, and the taste starts to taste even better.