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Easter Stamp Kit for Children, 24 Pieces - Self-Inking Stampers, Ideal Party Favors, and Basket Stuffers

Price: $9.99

The package includes 24 themed stampers, each measuring 1.5 inches in height and 1 inch in diameter.

The stampers are colorful and have designs.

Merely enough to accommodate a tiny gift bag.

The premium plastic shell is highly resilient, vividly colored, and not readily damaged.

Additionally, this set is eco-friendly, safe, and useful, and it is kid-safe.

You can confidently purchase.

Rewards Prizes for the Classroom: Your kids and families will have a memorable party experience with an easy-to-manage and decorate party.

Colored ink that is both safe and bright is included with all of the kid-themed stamps, eliminating the need for a stamping pad.

We have selected non-toxic and safe ink so that your child can play safely.

This allows the stamp to be printed with vibrant colors and make direct contact with the skin without making your child feel uncomfortable.

With its vibrant colors and entertaining designs, this 24 piece themed stamp set is ideal for a variety of uses, including classroom rewards, teacher stamps, carnival prizes, pinata fillers, goodie bag stuffers, egg fillers, and more!


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| Hand-gathered Custom Farm Stamp Personalized Fresh Egg Poultry Design Business Stamps-Farm Design Business Stamper (Inkpad Not Included)

Price: $19.80

Whether it's applied directly to the box or on a label or tag, our Personalized Egg Box Stamp is ideal for adding personalization to your own egg boxes.

In our facility in ShenZhen, China, each of our stamps is meticulously completed by hand and mounted on wooden blocks or handles.

We use beech wood in particular since it grows quickly and is a very sustainable tree.

Size: 10X4cm = 4X1.5" Utilize premium resin polymer to put the last touch to your fresh eggs and personalize your farm-stand delights.

You can be sure that it will be imprinted hundreds of times!

With this personalized egg carton stamp, you may make your friends and fellow farmers jealous or become the talk of the town at your neighborhood farmer's market!

This is the ideal present for anyone in your life who enjoys chicken as well!

ADVICE ON APPLYING YOUR STAMP When opening your egg carton, make sure your stamp is facing the direction you want it to.

This will yield the greatest stamping results.

To obtain the most ink from the stamp's surface to saturate the carton, lay flat and insert something underneath, such a block of wood.

ULTRA QUALITY: When using conventional stamp ink pads, Simple to clean using a moist cloth.

Black Ink Pad ExcelMark #1.5 Line Dater

Price: $12.99

Qualities Six years of phrases and dates Construction using both plastic and metal Each use leaves a clean, distinct impression thanks to excellent ink transfer.

Area of stamp impression: 3/16" x 1-1/16"; size of pad: 2-1/8" by 3-1/4"

| Custom Farm Stamp - Fresh Eggs from Farm Fresh Stamp Personalized Fresh Egg Poultry Design Business Stamps- Farm Design Business Stamper (3x2 “(8X5cm))

Price: $20.80

Size:3x2 “(8X5cm)or 4X2.5“(10X6.5cm) Our Personalised Egg Box Stamp is excellent for customising your own egg boxes, either straight onto the box or on to a label or tag.

All our stamps are hand completed and placed on wooden block or handles in our workshop in China, ShenZhen .

We choose beech wood specifically since it is a fast-growing and very sustainable tree.

Personalize your farm-stand products and add the finishing touch to your fresh eggs with high quality resin polymer with guaranteed impressions up to thousands of times!

Be the envy of your friends or other farmers with this customized egg carton stamp, or be the talk of the town at your local farmer's market!

This is the great present for the chicken lover in your life, too!

TIPS TO USING YOUR STAMP For best stamping results, we recommend opening your egg carton, orienting the way you would like your stamp to face.

Lying flat, place an object beneath - such as a piece of wood - in order to acquire the highest saturation of ink from the stamping surface onto the carton.

TOP QUALITY - Use with regular stamp ink pads, Easy to clean with a moist towel.

Five-piece NUOBESTY stamp set for making rubber date stamps Farm Egg Stamps - Mini Egg Stamps Fresh Eggs: Egg Stamps Egg Markers Rubber Stamper Easter Eggs Sign Plastic Office

Price: $23.29

Egg stamps: If your original egg stamp is broken or worn out, new ones make a good replacement.

Chicken egg stamps: self-inking stamps for address stampers that print date, codes, and scripts; ideal for use with business stamping supplies Egg stamps pertaining to fresh eggs customized: simply stamp, quick to dry, long-lasting, vibrant color.

Egg stamps on a flat surface—self-inking stamp design that doesn't require reloading or a sponge pad.

Egg stampers are easy to use and have a simple application that makes it easy for both beginners and experts to stamp in an organized and stable manner.

The NUOBESTY 3 pieces Inking Date Stamp Egg Stampers are perfect for crafting scrapbook embellishments and mini stamps for the office. Calligraphy Stamp New Egg Stamp Egg Stamps Seal die Hen

Price: $15.79

The address stamper is useful for a variety of purposes, including teacher stamps, personalized monogram stamps, self-inking return address stamps, wedding stamps, and corporate logo stamps.

Stamp for return to sender: self-inking design eliminates the need for frequent reloading and sponge pads.

Fresh egg stamps: premium quality inking date stamp Easter egg stamper with long-lasting dependability, non-deformation, impact resistance, and aging resistance.

Egg Stamps: Imprinted eggs Business stamping supplies self-inking stamp for egg address stamper printing code stamp address stamper date letter script stamp Farm stamp: simple, quick to dry, long-lasting, non-fading, vibrant color.

Five pieces of Mini Stamps with Address Stamps and Egg Stamps for Farm Signs and Scrapbook Embellishments Eggs with Self-Inking Stamps and Inking Date Stamps Farm Stamps Hen Plastic Office Letter

Price: $23.69

Egg Design Stamp: Date Stamp with Ink Easter Egg Stamper's robust construction, aging resistance, non-deformation, impact resistance, and durability all contribute to its long-lasting reliability.

Egg Carton Stamp: Egg Carton Stamp - Simply Stamp, Quick Drying, Long-Lasting, No Fade, Vibrant Color.

Self-inking stamps: Ideal for use as wedding, business logo, return address, custom monogram, teacher, and flat stamps for eggs.

Replace your worn-out or damaged egg carton stamp with a new one.

The self-inking stamp design of Chicken Egg Stamps eliminates the need for frequent refills and sponge pads.

In blue and red ink, measuring 1" by 1-5/8", the Trodat Printy 4750 Self-Inking Date Stamp features the phrases "Received, Paid, Entered, FAXED."

Price: $17.95

Each is being sold separately.

Five options are available: the date only, or the date combined with one of four movable key phrases.

Ten years of dates are produced by four bands for a lengthy existence.

Fingers stay clean thanks to the date band cover.

Up to 10,000 impressions can be achieved using a swappable stamp pad.

Excellent for quick, repeat impressions.

ABOOFAN 12pcs Stamps Stamper Easter Egg Funny Stamper Student Cartoon Eggs

Price: $15.39
library book stamp

CARROT-- Easter Egg Stamper Can be over and over again for varied stamping.

CARNIVAL REWARDS TOYS-- Easter Egg Stampers or household use CARTOON STAMPER-- Warm Tip: Dear buyer, Due to lighting effect,monitor's brightness,manual measurement and others, there could be some subtle discrepancies in the color and size between the photo and the actual item.

genuinely hope that you can understand!

Thank you!

RABBIT-- Stamper Easter Egg, Can be over and over again for varied stamping.

CLASSROOM PRIZE SUPPLIES-- Easter Egg Stampers Easy to use.

12 pieces of Easter egg stamps for kids. Kids stamps, kids stamps, kids stamps for kids' toys, kids stamps for kids' education Learner Stamper Adorable Stamper Die-Cut Seal

Price: $20.09

CARNIVAL REWARDS TOYS: Warm Easter Egg Stamper Advice: Greetings, purchaser The color and size of the item may differ slightly from the photo due to lighting effects, monitor brightness, manual measuring, and other factors.

I truly hope you will be able to comprehend!


Classroom prize supplies: Give your children a lot more happinessEaster Egg Stampers have a humorous design.

WROUGHT: A Stamper Easter Egg Give your child a lot more joy.

EDUCATORS: Stampers of Easter Eggs used for a variety of stamping applications.

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