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2024 high-performance letter wax seal stamp

Gladys 2024-03-09

The Yelsky Wax Seal Kit includes a 1-inch wax seal stamp, two metal seal molds shaped like a round flower, a silicone waxing mat, and sealing wax for wrapping gifts and wedding invitations. Cards Wine Packaging Envelopes

Price: $8.99

【Features of the Product】With this set of two metal wax seal molds, you can create an ideal round or flower-shaped wax seal using a one-inch wax stamp.

It just takes four to five pieces of wax, so you may create more lovely wax seals and conserve more wax.

Simple to Use: After setting the metal mold down directly on the silicone pad or envelope, fill it with melted wax, stamp it, and let it to cool for a short while to obtain the completed wax seal.

【Package Contents】One round and one flower-shaped metal wax seal mold, one silicone pad, and all of this are contained in an easy-to-store storage box for everyday use.

Wax sealing is made more enjoyable to perform yourself when the ideal wax seal combination is used, making it easier and more convenient.

【Multipurpose Use】You can use the wax sealing set to adorn wedding invitations, party invites, presents, wrapping paper, wine packaging, cards, scrapbooks, documents, and more.

Create wax seals with your loved ones to show off your individuality and strengthen your bonds with each other.

The high-quality metal used to make wax seal molds and the safe silicone used to make the pad are two examples of high-quality materials that are easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures, and long-lasting.

Silicone mats and molds are essential tools for creating wax sealing.

Initial Letters Wax Seal Stamp Kit, Wasole 2PCS Letter M Pattern Sealing Wax Stamp Set Alphabet Set Gift Box with Antique Wooden Handle, Candles, Wax Melt Spoon, and Sealing Sticks (M)

Price: $17.99

The following items are included in the package: 1 handwritten letter M, 1 classic alphabet M wax seal stamp, 3 sealing sticks, 1 spoon made of wax, and 1 candle.

Two patterns of wax sealing stamps are included in the set.

It would make a truly original, creative, and personalized gift for you and your friends.

The stamp is composed of brass.

Good gift, nice design.

Wonderful embellishment for cards, invites, and envelopes.

Lovely present for yourself or your pals on Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your birthday.

Simple to Operate: Using a candle to melt the wax seal stick Pour the melted wax where you desire it to be.

Stamp onto the wax and let it cool down for a few seconds.

And then it's finished.

Easily Removed Stamp: Installing and changing is simple.

Installing it is simple, as is switching out the stamp.

Widely Used: Frequently utilized in the following areas: anti-counterfeit packaging, banking, insurance, customs, security, legal, stationery, high-end arts and crafts, daily necessities, craft presents, invitations, etc.

Yelsky Seal Warmer with Wax Wax Seal Set Oven Stirring Stick with Nonstick Wax Seal Spoon for Wax Seal Stamps Letter Envelope Stamps Wax Seal Key Holder

Price: $9.99

One wax sealer, one wax melting spoon, and one wax stirring stick are included in the set.

The wax sealer measures 3.5 cm in height and 7 cm in diameter.

The melting spoon measures 12 cm in length, while the wax stirring stick measures 13 cm in length.

【Excellent Substance】Our spoons are made of copper and insulated wood, our wax seal melters are made of premium wood and copper, and our wax stirrers are made of copper.

The three work together to guarantee beauty, longevity, and safety.

The gorgeous red finish on the hardwood components gives off an air of old-world elegance.

Simple and Safe HandlingJust insert a lighted candle into the wax sealing heater (the candle should be shorter than the heater for safety), heat and melt the sealing wax in a spoon, pour it into the chosen area, and use the stamp to press it down.

Your gorgeous stamp is ready after it cools!

NOTE: Metal components should be handled carefully because they can burn hot.

With its wide range of applications, the wax seal warmer is perfect for crafts projects like scrapbooks, gift boxes, wine packaging, envelopes, and vintage letters.

You may make custom wax seals with this kit to safeguard your private data and crucial documents.

Cleaning is not necessary if you use identical-colored wax sealing beads or sticks.

Just use paper or a paper towel to remove any leftover wax from the wax seal spoon and wax seal furnace before filling the beads if you want to use the final bead of a different color.

It's crucial to remember that the metal components of the spoon and wax seal heater are still hot after burning, so use caution.

The DIY kits for vintage wax seal stamp head letter decor are made of wax seal copper head, bee stamp, and wax seal stamp. Wax Bees Brass Alien 3D

Price: $7.29

Scrapbook stamp: You will like using this excellently crafted seal stamp head with its bee pattern.

The attractive and diverse seal stamp head with a bee pattern is called "bee decor," and it is sure to make an impression on everyone.

Use with assurance.

Sealing wax stamp: This type of stamp can be used to decorate and adorn scrapbooks, wine bottles, and perfume bottles.

The 3D wax seal stamp head is a classic-style wax sealing stamp that makes a thoughtful present for friends or yourself.

The stamp head is non-stick, glossy, and simple to use.

Letter stamps are excellent for personal letter seals and artistic packaging embellishments.

Perfect for friends and family, this is a terrific gift with a distinct design!

ZRCHLS 24 Metallic Mixed Colors, 670 Pieces Sealing Wax Beads 24 Metallic Mixed Colors Sealing Wax Pellets for Wax Seal Stamp, Letter Wax Seal Kit for Gift Envelope Stamp Sealing and Handmade Craft

Price: $13.99

Wax Seal: Use our vibrant Hexagonal Wax Seal Decorative Candle Pellets to give your letter sealing and decorating an even more distinctive touch.

Options for Colors: We provide a selection of up to 24 vivid and deep colors for sealing wax, so you can surprise the recipients and give your letters and present packages a fresh look.

How to Use: To seal and decorate with ease, just put the appropriate number of wax seal beads in a candle burner or melter and warm them up a little.

Efficient and easy, reduce labor and time.

Bright: The high-quality ingredients used to create our wax seal kit candle pellets offer a long burn time and vibrant color retention, adding durability to your projects.

Applications: These candle pellets can be used for more than just sealing letters; they can also be used to decorate envelopes, wrap presents, make crafts, and other creative projects to give them a unique touch.

Suitable for wedding party invitations, envelopes, gift wrapping, and wooden handles, the SWANGSA Floral Letter Wax Seal Stamp, Vintage Sealing Wax Stamp, and Removable Brass Wax Stamp Head

Price: $13.98

WAX SEAL STAMP SIZE: The sealing stamp's overall length is 90mm (3.54"), and its head diameter is 25mm (0.98").

Included in the package is one (1) floral letter wax seal stamp; sealing wax is not included.

WAX MATERIAL FOR SEAL STAMP: The wooden handle of the seal stamp is made of wax, and the brass seal stamp head is smooth and polished with a non-stick surface.

The seal stamp is clear and simple to use.

WAX STAMP HEAD REMOVALABLE: Detachable stamp head made of brass.

Installing and changing is simple.

Broad applications include embellishing wedding and party invitations, greeting cards, Christmas cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooks, gift packaging, bottles, and more with SWANGSA wax seal stamps.

Moreover, it can be utilized to secure private information by sealing documents and other records.

UNIQUE GIFT: On birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and other occasions, this wax seal stamp will make a thoughtful present for your significant other, family, and friends.

For those who enjoy witchcraft or wax seals, it also makes a lovely present.

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