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What is a Human Resources Specialist ?

Silverdew 2022-07-22

hrms hk

The main purpose is to assist superiors in developing and implementing human resources goals and plans to achieve the optimal allocation of human resources. hrms hk specialist, also called personnel specialist, is responsible for managing all kinds of personnel information, handling personnel-related procedures, and assisting in various tasks such as recruitment, training, compensation and benefits. If you want to become a human resources assistant, you need to master human resources, labor economics, psychology, management and other professional knowledge, and excellent communication skills and organizational coordination skills will make you like a tiger. This position will help the practitioner to understand the operation process of human resources management as soon as possible, and is the entry career of human resources.

1、Assist superiors to master the human resources situation; 2、Manage labor contracts, handle employment, deputation procedures and employee's salary and attendance settlement; 3、Fill and analyze all kinds of personnel statistical reports; 4、Draft company rules and regulations, recruitment system; 5、Help to establish positive employee relations, coordinate the relationship between employees and management, organize and plan various activities for employees; 6、Assist superiors to implement all kinds of company rules and regulations implementation; 7, assist superiors to complete the annual assessment of employees; 8, management dispute resolution procedures.

Human resources specialist career prospects human resources specialist as an emerging career, in recent years will have a great demand, there are great prospects for development. The annual salary of human resources specialist is more than 100,000 yuan, with a comfortable working environment and generous treatment.

1) Bachelor degree or above in human resources, labor economics, psychology, management and other related majors; 2) Trained in modern human resource management techniques, labor laws and regulations, contract law, management skills development, etc.; 3) More than 5 years of human resource management work experience; 4) Experience in human resource project planning and implementation; 5) Familiar with relevant national laws and regulations; 6) Familiar with the practices of human resource management 7) Solid theoretical foundation in human resource management; 8) Calm, meticulous, active thinking, innovative spirit, good sense of teamwork.

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