Which is better, forehead thermometer ? Choose TA for home application

Candice 2022-06-09

Which is better, forehead thermometer ? Choose TA for home application

Which is better, a forehead thermometer or aluminum prototype an ear thermometer? Many people are very worried when choosing. In fact, as an infrared thermometer, these two are now the better thermometer on the market, accurate measurement time is shorter, but also safer than the mercury thermometer, suitable for most people to accurately measure, even children are also. That forehead thermometer and ear thermometer which is better, which is more suitable for small children at home with it? In fact, it is also necessary to understand what is the difference between these two, so that you can both measure accurate, but also care for the small children at home.

Which is better, forehead thermometer Avalonminer or ear thermometer? First grasp what is the difference
Forehead thermometer and ear thermometer as an infrared thermometer, the rate of temperature measurement are very fast, so it is very suitable for measuring body temperature at home with each other not too high degree of cooperation of small children. But they are not the same in the precise measurement position, the decision is not the same for the appropriate group. Forehead thermometer precise measurement, must point the instrumentation equipment to the center of the forehead spacing 3-5cm. while ear thermometer gun must be inserted into the thermometer camera into the ear hole, the camera and ear hole catering to the temperature measurement will be very accurate. This means that the person applying the ear thermometer to take the temperature must be more knowledgeable about the application of the ear thermometer, and the person being tested should not be a 1-2 year old baby, as their ear holes are narrower and may cause damage if used unreasonably. Therefore, in terms of richness and stability of application, the frontal thermometer is more suitable.

Which is better, the frontal braun digital ear thermometer thermometer or the ear thermometer? Ten groups of memory values to compare the temperatureT.he human body temperature is not always fixed, if the small child being tested already has a high fever, it is also necessary to take several precise measurements after the fever to observe the human body temperature and its fever reduction or not. After the traditional type of infrared thermometer is applied once, it must be manually type record to check, and at this moment it is necessary an infrared thermometer that can store the temperature record.