Three major trends in the third-party payment industry, learn more

EmilySarah 2022-03-21

Three major trends in the third-party payment industry, learn more

Trend 1: Third-party mobile payment technology companies are committed to transforming into B2B financial product service providers. omnichannel payment processing More and more traditional enterprises are relying on e-commerce to improve the overall efficiency of production, supply and sales.

The challenge for B2B enterprises is how to make the flow of funds faster, and it is also a market opportunity for third-party payment providers.

Trend 2: The payments industry will rely on online financial management to expand new business growth points.

Compared with mature overseas markets, the domestic financial management services market, including funds and insurance, is still in its infancy, with product sales relying mainly on traditional channels such as bank counters.

The relatively high payment cost of traditional channels and the obstacles in inter-bank fund payment make funds, insurance and other financial institutions have a greater demand for third-party payment.

Trend 3: Integration of terminal, data and value-added services. With the intensification of offline payment competition in the future, data analysis and value-added services based on acquiring channels will become the main profit point of third-party payment enterprises.

Expanding various innovative derivative products, providing risk control data support for various financial institutions, and improving the efficiency of capital flow through financial inclusion services will be an important direction for the development of the third-party payment industry.