How to buy a high chair for your baby?

Rose 2022-02-21

How to buy a high chair for your baby?

There are all kinds of high chairs on the sales market, integrated, split, wooden, plastic, all kinds, so how do parents choose a high chair for their babies?


In the case of buying a high chair for the baby, parents must check beforehand to check the stability of the high chair, to ensure that the bottom circumference of the chair feet is more spacious than the area where the baby sits Combi High Chair, because that the chair is more stable and more secure for the baby.

Tip: Before putting the baby on the chair must be double-checked, and put in after a long time do not have to let the baby alone in the chair alone.

Safety factor

If a safety belt fixed immobile baby, then the baby dining is not easy to shake, and can form an excellent seat posture, so the high chair with a crotch strap will be a good choice. At the same time, the high chair on both sides of the guardrail to be clean, not hairy edge, otherwise it is very easy to hurt the baby's tender skin. Small baby body function is sensitive, high chair is also a daily meal for the baby is to understand the daily utensils, and therefore the safety factor of its material parents must also pay great attention.


If the chair also chose the baby seat cushion words, then the high chair dedicated to the baby design program is basically set, and at the same time the chair on the tablet should be large enough, then in addition to dining, the baby can also play on the small desk gadgets such as this.

In addition, you can also consider the level of the baby's sitting depression, choose a high chair with a moderate degree of depression for the baby. As if the sitting depression is too deep, baby sitting down uncomfortable, the theme of activities will also be limited, if the sitting depression is shallow, the baby is very easy to slide down the chair, security is not high.

Tip: Make sure that the seat cushion of the chair and the tablet is washable, because the baby will undoubtedly dirty the tablet table and its seat cushion when eating. If it is removable, it will be much easier for moms to clear up.


If a high chair also contains a folding role, then it's beautiful! You can take it with your baby to have a meal at the grandparents' house on the weekend, or easily hide it behind the refrigerator and not occupy the area at all.

However, when buying a baby high chair that is conducive to bring, you also have to pay attention to the net weight of the item is not suitable for the weight of the baby. As there are some manufacturers in order to better achieve the purpose of portable, alleviate the net weight of the goods, but the weight is too light high chair is very easy to make the baby fall, resulting in accidents.