What is the role of employee self-service app system software?

Cindy 2023-03-09

What is the role of employee self-service app system software?

Human resources is a horizontal work bitmain antminer s19 pro amazon in which must cope with the company and employees, on the one hand, to assist the company to create a standardized management program, to create an excellent natural environment for the long-term survival and progress of the company's outstanding talent; on the other hand, it must assist the development trend of employees, improve the professional ability and performance assessment of employees, to complete the development trend of employees and the company together, and at the same time must also do as the company and employees between At the same time, it must also be used as a feedback method between the company and the employees to enhance the relationship between the two sides. Therefore, in addition to the many functions of the HR system software for the company, it must also give the role of service items for employees, which is the employee self-help app.

Employee self-help app is a very employee self service critical part of the HR system software, and is also a major manifestation of the company's human resources to the bottom workers to carry out broadening, can be faster to help workers and the company to communicate with each other to maintain good supervision of the actual effect. The functions of the employee self-help app are specifically reflected in the following levels.

1、My information management
The user information of employees iot lpwa is generally filed in the personnel department, so if the employees have to check their own information and modify the data, they have to make changes in HR. According to the employee self-help app, you can find and change your own information, and you only need HR management
The unit can carry out the approval of information content, and after the audit is approved, it can be automatically upgraded to the latest news.

2、My attendance system
In the past, the information content of attendance sheet must be checked according to HR staff, and when there is abnormal information in attendance management, it usually cannot be handled properly, which is a rather complicated matter for the staff and HR. Nowadays, according to the employee self-service app, you can check your own attendance management data information anytime and anywhere, and you can solve the complaints about the abnormal data information and adjust our attendance management data information immediately. In addition, the employee self-service app can also complete my own leave management methods, such as leave, compensatory leave, transferring leave, changing leave, overtime and overtime, and other actual operations, can be applied for on the employee self-service app, and the system software will adjust the leave length for the employee after the superior department has passed the audit.

3、The content of my salary information
Under normal circumstances, the salary of the employee is all more commercial secrets, all adjacent to the process of issuing wages to announce, when the employee has questions about the salary, communication with the company HR is difficult. And after the application of employee self-service app, you can input the payment password to inquire about last month's salary details according to the role of salary details, and the employee can make a complaint about the abnormal data information of salary and explain the situation in detail, HR and accounting carry out another verification after receiving the information content of the complaint, and publish the salary details to the employee again to carry out the determination.

4、Reporting of projects at work
Employee self-service app includes the role of reporting on work projects, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and new project status records of employees, which can be published on the employee self-service app, and the company manager can check and review the work information reports of employees at will. In addition, employees can review the steps on the employee self-service app and move to the next step after being reviewed by higher-level leaders, enhancing the efficiency of the company's business management audit.

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